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Yesterdrive‘ the name of the band sounds right out of the 90s British pop scene and believe me when I say the sound is no different. Yesterdrive is an Indie rock band from Arunachal Pradesh who are currently based in New Delhi.

Hold On’ is the debut EP released by the band and first things first the EP has all the ingredients for it to be in serious reckoning for some great response in the ever growing Indian Indie scene. What I was served in my platter was heartening and surely deserves a pat on the back. The EP starts off with ‘Hold On‘, a number that feels fresh all the way through. The track has a power pop feeling to it, laden with popping guitar notes and some Vedder styled grungy vocals which actually feels quite different in its entirety. The 2nd track has a faster tempo but quite the same rhythmics as the first with the vocals getting more Vedder-ish. One thing that stood out in the second number was the bass lining. Liem Ngadong has some skills and it shows. ‘Where did it end‘ is the third and final track of the EP which is more on the lines of punk meets grunge meets Coldplay, it’s a fitting end to the EP as it mellows down keeping us guessing what the boys will bring out next. The music is good but feels a little hurried in a few place as if they somehow were late for a flight. Maybe next time a little patience and urge to showcase themselves would make their production tighter. Nonetheless ‘Hold on‘ is a great effort by the band and one I would recommend highly of. Hope to hear more from the band in the future.

Rating: ★★★★☆


Checkout their Music Video Hold On


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