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Tick's Talk_Drug DimensionTicks Talk……….as the name suggests they are a progressive Metal act from Guwahati, India. They were formed by some likeminded musicians who have had a good amount of experience in the music scene in the locality. And all of them are individuals of great musical versatility and have worked out a sturdy presence in about 6-7 months.
Being a progressive metal act they have evolved this genre into a really cool and captivating charisma with a slight sprinkle of djent in it. And yet they have managed to retain their originality in style and composition.

Their debut single “Drug Dimension” has been made in a really neat and catchy tone. The song has this thing called ‘presence’ with indicates the calm ambience of the track. Listening to the song, I found a really new and innovative combination of various diverse musical styles to give out a spectacular recipe of harmony, groove and classics. It seems that they have not restricted themselves to the traditional laws of ‘progressive metal’ which comprises of a rigid and complex song structure; instead, they have loosened about and paved way for a more flexible and simple yet outstanding aura. Their compose is an indication of genius, a raw and original bonding of styles.
Now lets get back to the instrumentation of the song. First up is the drum section.  The drumming has been made in a real groovy and solid intake. It has a majority of off beats and breakdowns, but turned into a simplistic corner. The drumming is really complex and yet so simple and groovy. It’s based on a simple offbeat, but filled with intricate intermediate fills. The whole song has been sectionized into many groove outtakes and makes it really enjoyable to listen to.
The keyboard sections are the base of this song, it’s the keyboarding which makes it really different from other progressive songs and gives it a really strong classical touch which reminds me of Dream Theater. It gives a rather dramatic vive to the song and has many ups and turns turning from a slow and sweet tone to a raged upturn in the culminations.
The guitar sections have a touch of djent in it, but thrown in with a set of progressive riffs it to maintain the generic level of the track. The lead is short yet captivating, placed in the climax level of the track. The combination of versatile riffs and cadency has turned out pretty well in the track.
Finally, it comes down to the vocal sections. I really appreciate the maintenance of a really steady range, which also fitted in with the innovativeness of the track. As per customary progressive tracks, the vocals fill in the spotlight of the song which turns down the other musical components of the song. The vocals were indeed good, but also flowed with the reach of the song and gave strengthening effects to other components of the track.
This track is fresh take at progressive metal. It has the strength to take progressive metal to a whole new level by maintaining the originality of the styles. Lets hope that Ticks Talk come up with yet another brilliant track as this one.


Rating: ★★★★☆

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