Single Review: KAAL SAMRAJYA by Varcas

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Reviewed By: Denny Kashyap

VARCAS is a six-piece Extreme Melodic Metal band hailing from Mumbai. The band released their debut single “KAAL SAMRAJYA”.


 The song starts with a melodic intro with mythological styled vocals .Here the song gears up with a well-executed transition followed by heavy drumbeats, one may find a brilliant foot and snare work.


The guitars and the bass throughout the song are eventually good including fantastic well-toned solos .A syncopated feel by the keyboardist Ajitesh, seems to be the sole grip of the song. Coming to the vocals, one could hear pure metal vocals though some parts were little uphill along with the melody and are well maintained.


 The overall fabrication of the song is topnotch. It sounds a little monotonous keeping in mind that the level at which they did. Vedic styled music /lyrics and modern metal amalgam would take time to digest though it seems quite innovative.

“KAAL SAMRAJYA” is available for free download on their reverbnation page.



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