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Sceptre - Age Of Calamity [2013]Lately I’ve been listening or rather been forced to listen to some pathetic Indian Metal bands who instead of embracing the metal legacy are just going around fooling themselves and having no clue whatsoever about their music. But then there is the real stuff and there is Sceptre with their raw unadulterated metal that screams out the given description of the genre. And boy I’m glad they have returned after a 5 year hiatus to bring some sanity into the oversaturated Indian Metal scene. ‘Age of Calamity‘ is a pure, kick to the face thrash metal offering by the band and you can instantly feel the difference of what experience can do. The album starts with ‘Solitude‘ ,a rather surprise instrumental with a haunting ambience, news reports running in the background and muffled voices all of which are well put together and the minute plus instrumental rather sets up the rest of the album nicely. The title track is next and it is a scorcher and has the sceptre stamp all over it. The tempo continues with ‘Wrath of God‘ and ‘Prophesy deceit‘. Come ‘Lake of tears‘ and one will get blown away by the versatility of the guys. ‘Fatal delay‘ though disappoints me as they kind of waver a bit on this track but they get their metal train back on track with ‘(Seven)7 seals‘ and ‘Parasites‘. ‘Judgement day’ is equally brilliant but the show stealer is the album finale ‘Lest we forget‘ this beauty can give any international metal band a run for their money .The guitar solos brought a seemingly fag end of the song alive and screaming. Kudos there to Gilroy but just wished a little more solos on the rest of the album but then that’s a trend now a days I guess or maybe people have forgotten what guitar solos were. But that’s just me.

Age of calamity‘ is all in all a roaring comeback by a band that knows how to live up to expectations. Definitely one for every Sceptre and metal fan alike. Now go spread the word!!


Rating: ★★★★☆

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