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Well, when I was a kid (long time back), the music scenario all over India was in a state of revolution. Bands were mostly seen following the amateur trend of playing covers (to which you may not agree) and so the crowd enjoyed only those songs they had in their collection. But within a span of few years many bands have belted out their own form of music, own records, music videos. But I don’t really see people buying it or to some verge I can say not really supporting music (count yourself in).

Rectified Spirit, a Guwahati based heavy metal band (I really don’t like to talk about a band’s genre). Talking about their birth, the band came up with the name Rectified Spirit when Samudragupta Dutta(Guitarist, former member) saw the words on a bottle at a hospital where he had taken his mother for treatment. With Himangshu Borah(Bassist, former member) the band started playing at various local gigs and having been in the scene for few years the band disbanded in 2009.The former members reformed the band with a new line-up in 2011 and started playing at various local gigs and with that the band started writing /recording their debut self titled album “Rectified Spirit”.

The present line-up of the band includes-
Samudragupta Dutta on Guitars
Himangshu Borah on Bass
Rainjong Lepcha on Vocals( Dark Horizon)
Nishant Hagjer on Drums( Undying Inc.)
Dishankan Baruah( Chamber)


The album tracks are as follows:

  1. To Hold A Sabre
  2. Bloodrush
  3. Paradigm Lost
  4. The Magician’s Birthday
  5. Rectified Spirit
  6. There Is No Tomorrow
  7. Where The Ashes Fell
  8. Vengeance
  9. Until We Expire
  10. Mother

The best part of my review is I had the privilege to have a chit-chat with the guy behind this jaw-dropping work, Samudragupta Dutta, talking about the songs.

According to him, the opener of the album, “To Hold A Sabre” is lyrically themed in memory of Xenapoti(General) Lachit Borphukan, who thwarted a drawn out attemptBand Photo 1

by the Mughals at the Battle of Saraighat in 1671 whereas the second song “Bloodrush” deals with the guilt, it talks about the rush of blood to a human’s head which makes him commit the most inhuman sin, surrendering to its more primitive animal instincts and eventually realising it when its done.
Where the ashes fell” is a take on the failure of the state administration in to prevent the strategically planned terrorist multiple consequential serial bomb blast attack.
Rectified Spirit” portraits and conveys the idea of re-incarnation and how a soul amends from his previous birth and thus gets rectified.
Vengeance” deals with the justifiability of the idea of the revenge told through eyes of introspection and “There is no tomorrow” with one conquering inner-self.
Until we Expire” enlightens the life for a band which creates a mixed sense of exhaustion and addiction in the mind.
Paradigm Lost” showcases poeticism, musicality and a perfect harmony between the

music and lyrics.

The Magician’s birthday” is about the loss of innocence and the sense of wonder that we lose when we step into adulthood and the gradual mechanization of human emotions brought about by the modern concrete world and “Mother” is about the inherent virtue of sacrifice that motherhood is endowed with, which is also our first lesson in sacrifice that we learn in our lives.



So, coming to my part the, it’s not often, or rather often enough, that a band manages to sound so intrinsically unique, particularly in the realms of heavy metal. The riffs and solos are not built solely on speed, but rather are much more disciplined and focused. The guitar tone instantly brings in a strong Iron Maiden influence with the riffs and the  heavy atmosphere that is conjured throughout the album, bringing back one to the early days of heavy metal with elements of new age mainstream metal.

RS Band

Coming to the drums, Nishant’s undeniable level of skill is on display as it always throughout the album. The precision level and his ability to use his chops to develop each and every beat instead of simply driving it is just top notch.

Talking about the bass, Himangshu has done the best that could be done from his behalf. The bass lines in each song are well-executed. The galloping bass which
is so well-audible in the mix will crush your ribcage. They are catchy and full of hooks.

Rainjong’s vocals are calm, yet powerful. They periodically get high sky-touching which reminds me of Bruce Dickinson. Keeping in mind about his world-class clean parts throughout the journey, his growl parts in songs like “Paradigm Lost” and “There is no tomorrow” is worth mentioning.

The overall fabrication of the album is stupendously fantastic and this heavy metal assault is lyrically, thematically, musically, productively the best album I have been through.

The album is recorded at Lucid Recess Studios and mixed and mastered at Zoraan Mendonsa Productions, New Zealand

The Album scheduled for release on 28th Dec, 2012 | The album can be pre-ordered online here

So, don’t just go to your friend’s house and ask for the album or search the internet which will promote piracy, an evil in the music society. Instead, BUY THE ALBUM. WHEN YOU BUY,YOU SUPPORT.


Rating: ★★★★½

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