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Bhaskar J. Das
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Alien Sky Cult_artworkReviewed by: Avi Merchant and Bhaskar

Okay ‘Djenty Meme loving’ online boys and ‘Poutish Facebook Display pic’ girls, so we have Alien Sky Cult – A band here who have named themselves after a nerdy study on Aliens and Predators(not really surprised?). We all know Indian metal reached it’s ‘grown up man’ stage with two biggest names in the scene – Amogh Symphony/ Vishal J Singh in the year 2009 and then Skyharbor/ Keshav Dhar in the year 2011, this is very obvious that in the next upcoming years new bands are dreaming to find their own statuses of skilled musicianship. Some followed the path in the name of ‘Modern Progressive Metal’ whereas other acts started following in the name of ‘Djent’. Sooooooooo let’s get a refresher on what really matters…

So how would one describe this EP? Not sure? I certainly think they are in the djent mood but sometimes they sound like deathcore in some fashion. Playing track 02(Fate) now. Ohhhh. The groove sounds familiar and its ‘heavy’. I love the staccato djent riffs just because I am not an elitist. I gotta say I HATE the sound of quantized programmed drums. Pure-Rifferistic(peripheristic) songwriting going nuts in these songs. Leaving the djent-plague annoying thoughts behind, I am playing this EP loud. Guess what? It sounds good. Vocals are fine and when I say fine..OHHH…it’s just fine. Track 04(I am hate) – What to say? Sounds nice but again nothing surprising. I liked that ‘New millenium cyanide’ outro and the overall mood of the song. ‘We are the damned‘ – Well what to say about this song? There comes a part which reminds of swedish metal act Inflames. Some beautiful ambient-like layers in the songs are great. You know, it’s like European weather in India. My personal favorite is the intro track ‘Dominion‘. Why? Probably because i love ambient-metal instrumentals. Sounds A LOT like Vildhjarta’s old songs but I wouldn’t mind that probably because I liked the cold feel in it. Yep!

Nice EP. I think this EP can be played loud in car while driving to your office but very honestly, I can listen to this EP like only twice or thrice and that’s it. Yeah! Production is good. Somehow I get this strange feeling that…well..I think Keshav Dhar was forced to make this EP TOO LOUD just like any djent act. No! It is sounding powerful but it just sounds like…like..say ‘Pointless attack’. Considering that it’s their first release(?), Alien Sky Cult puts up a good impression with their aggressive vocals and power packed drumming(though programmed). They have been succesful in delivering what this generation of metalheads long for. Get this EP here RIGHT NOW!!!!

Songs for replay mode : I’m Hate, Non Entity, The Dark field.
Band’s origin : New Delhi, India
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Rating: ★★★☆☆

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