UK metallers THE HAARP MACHINE (Sumerian) stream new single ‘Pleiadian Keys’ and will release their ground breaking debut album on 15 October

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The UK’s newest extreme progressive metal juggernaut THE HAARP MACHINE created a huge buzz earlier this year upon announcing their worldwide signing to Sumerian Records and are set to release their incredible debut record ‘Disclosure’ on 15 October.

A stream of new single ‘Pleiadian Keys’ was released late last night and has already received a staggering 15k views! Check it out here.

Taking influence from a plethora of musical and life influences, THE HAARP MACHINE’s diverse sound encompasses death metal brutality, tech metal virtuosity, progressive sensibilities and ethnic instrumentation. High precision heavy guitars and pounding rhythms are lusciously complemented with piano, strings, sitar, santoor, erhu, koto, gongs, tablas and many more instruments creating a wall of sound as unique as it is fresh and exciting. THE HAARP MACHINE’s sound is completed with vocals ranging from heavenly melodic to hellishly abrasive and are delivered with massive hooks and stunning execution.

Musically forward-thinking and highly attuned to the socioeconomic issues that plague today’s society, THE HAARP MACHINE’s message is as important as its musical innovation. Guitarist Al Mu’min explains:

“Our debut album is an amalgamation of many influences across the spectrum and lyrically addresses many of the socioeconomic and political issues in our society today. We hope it will open doors for listeners and broaden their musical horizons as well as spark an interest in areas that dictate our lives, but are swept under the rug to maintain the status quo and keep the populace aloof to the sick capitalist venture of the big money cartels. We feel very fortunate to be in this position and wish to use this opportunity to spread the word on social change via the application of the scientific method for the betterment of humankind. There IS an alternative to the un-sane society we live in and it is our duty to this planet and all its inhabitants to awaken the sleepers. We can no longer ignore the writings on the wall. The time for change is now.”

With a killer album and soon to be announced tours across the USA and Europe, the boundaries of extreme progressive music are about to be pushed to unprecedented territories, coupled with a strong message for political and social change. Get ready for THE HAARP MACHINE.


Track listing:



1) Esoteric Agenda

2) Lower The Populace

3) Pleiadian Keys

4) From Vanity To Utility

5) Disclosure

6) The Escapist Notion

7) Extension To One

8) Machine Over

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