Thirteen year old prodigy Miranda Saikia launches new video campaign. One cover every week.

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Miranda Saikia_Timeless TuesdaysWhen Miranda Saikia released “I’m Sorry” about three months ago, it was evidence of a promising young artiste having sniffed out a concrete roadmap to her musical journey. While her last album was an exciting mish-mash of her 90’s pop and rock influences it undeniably felt like the work of a prodigy in her infancy.

Timeless Tuesdays is a new chapter in her story, the work of an artist with clarity of mind when it comes to her influences, her style and her persona. Teaming up with Guwahati based producer Siddhant Das paid dividends as the producer’s relentlessness with the nu-age pop sound blended well with Saikia’s contemporary vibe to make something authentic in it’s own right while eagerly looking for new means of expression to channelize the love for the music that made her in the first place.


About Miranda Saikia

There’s just something about Guwahati at the moment. Whether there’s some in the Axomiya air or whether it’s just the rest of the country finally sitting up to take notice, there suddenly seems to be an influx of prodigies making their way across to the national circuit and dazzling us with their talents.
The latest to roll off Northeast- India’s flourishing independent scene is 13 year old Miranda Saikia. Nevertheless, before you read that previous sentence and decide that Saikia is just another tongue-in-cheek bubblegum- soundalike, a little insight into biography should silence you- this is one artist that has three full-length albums and numerous singles to her name, has featured in a number of videos and undoubtedly blazed her own trial without ever taking a look behind.
All the work she’s done in the past few years is nothing left of centre though- but it’s more than apparent that she’s in for the long haul, and that she has all the right constituents to make it big.


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