Taipo Records announce list of Internatio​nal Bands for “Summer Break” Compilatio​n

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List of 20 international bands to be featured on Taipo Records’ Summer Break Compilation can be found below.List for Local bands to be announced soon.

01. Abandoned By Bears [Sweden] – Pop Punk/Easycore 
02. The Bad News Bears [UK] – Indie Pop            
03. Napoleon [UK] – Melodic Hardcore                              
04. The City Calls [UK] – Pop Punk/Alternative                     
05. Up And Atom [AUS] – Pop Punk                        
06. Worthwhile [US] – Melodic Hardcore                              
07. Come Alive [US] – Metalcore/Dubstep                            
08. Six Stories Unkown [Sweden] – Pop Punk/Easycore
09. Autumn Kills [Sweden] – Pop/Post Hardcore
10. Yes Vigrinia [US[ – Pop Punk/Easycore
11. Portland! [Canada] – Pop Punk/Easycore
12. Myka,Relocate [US] – Post Hardcore/Metalcore                       
13. In Her Own Words [US] – Pop Punk/Hardcore
14. Things We Lost [Italy] – Melodic Hardcore
15. What We Left Behind [France] – Metalcore/Pop Punk
16. Skyscraper Walk Among Us [US] – Post Hardcore
17. Recall To Life [Austria] – Punk Rock
18. All Found Bright Lights[Japan] – Pop Punk/Easycore/Power Pop
19. The Never Ever [AUS] – Power Pop/Pop Punk
20. Multy Tabs [Russia] – Pop Punk/Easycore

Taipo Records first even compilation Summer Break will be released this August.The CD will feature 30 bands hailing from countries like UK, US, Australia, Sweden, Japan,France,Russia and Austria, revolving around genres like Punk Rock, Pop Punk,Power Pop,Indie Pop, Hardcore,Post Hardcore and Metalcore.
The compilation will be released physically starting with 100 copies and distributed around Gangtok, Silliguri and Darjeeling.

*Release date and Price yet to be announced*

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