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Raageshwari in Radio City studioDynamic singer-actor Raageshwari debuts on radio with wellness show ‘Shanti Sutra’ on PlanetRadiocity.com. The half hour weekly show goes on air every Saturday morning between 9.30am – 10.00am. ‘Shanti Sutra’ on PlanetRadiocity’s devotional stream ‘Radio City Smaran’ spreads the message of positive energy & wellness.


Raageshwari reinforces the importance of positive thinking to restore balance in life in ‘Shanti Sutra’. The show features excerpts from her new CD ‘Raageshwari narrates positive affirmations by Louise Hay’. The show takes forward Radio City Smaran’s motto of providing an all round wellness and spiritual experience. Raageshwari, in her trademark dynamic style, guides listeners into the portals of positivity. ‘Shanti Sutra’ promises to be an oasis of wellness in today’s busy life, to bring about the perfect peace and calm in life. An Yoga specialist herself, Raageshwari  shares her expertise with listeners.


Commenting on the show being ‘empowering’ and ‘inspiring’, Raageshwari says, We can change our lives if we change our thinking. Positive thoughts and Positive words are the magical seeds for an amazing magical journey. When we affirm a thought continuously, we change the chemical balance of our body to act accordingly. Hence affirm positive thoughts. So join me on Shanti Sutra where I share all about this and much more.”


Tune into ‘Shanti Sutra’ on Radio City Smaran (www.planetradiocity.com) every Saturday from 9.30 a.m. to 10 a.m.  from 22nd of June.

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