Demonic Resurrection (India) releases new single ‘THE MASK’

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Indian metal veterans Demonic Resurrection recently returned with a new track in March 2022 called ‘The Eye Of Eternity’. This was the first new music from the band in 5 years. Now they’ve dropped their 2nd single ‘The Mask’
Watch the official lyric video:

This track, like the previous features Benighted drummer Kevin Paradis and Australian keyboard sensation Misstiq who recently joined the band Earth Caller as a full time member. The rest of the line-up includes vocalist/guitarist Demonstealer who also recorded the bass and newly recruited lead guitarist Aditya Swaminathan (Kill The King).

The track has been inspired by the artwork of Michal ‘Xaay’ Loranc who created the artwork for the band’s 20th-anniversary merchandise line. Michal has worked with bands such as BEHEMOTH, NILE and VADER.

‘This song .’ says frontman Demonstealer

The track has been mixed and mastered by ex-Demonic Resurrection guitarist Daniel Kenneth Rego and the lyric video was created by Abshishek Goswami from Sonicspawn Studios.

Fans who have purchased the 20th-anniversary merchandise are getting a free download of the song from the band as well.

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