Metal giant Undying Inc is back

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Undyin Inc_bandIndian metal giant Undying Inc is back. They announced the news about Shashank Bhatnagar coming back and rejoining on their official facebook fan page.

Yes, its true, Shashank is back in his original role as the vocalist of Undying Inc. Its quite simple really, no rocket science there. We shed our differences and egos for the bigger cause of the band, we matured as individuals and as a band. Its a coming of age. Our music and the no compromise ethic that Undying Inc stands for is far more important than to us than anything else. At the end of the day, we are a metal band, a bunch of friends who want to raise hell. Like everyone else we have had our share of ups and downs as a band and are humbled by the love and support of our fans and the metal community that has keeps us going. At this point we are hitting Illusion Studios with Keshav Dhar(Skyharbor) to commence work on our new record, we will be releasing new material and see you all in the mospit somewhere very soon. Do stay tuned for more updates on our fan page, that’s where you will hear it first.

–Undying Inc’s band members remarked.

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