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Joshish_New DawnMumbai based Joshish releases their New Music Video Wake up for a ‘New Dawn’, Joshish have been around in the Indian music scene for more than 6 years now. Apart from doing the regular things, they made sure that they were contributing and giving back to the people as much as they can, justifying to their music that they believe, always carried message and a purpose. Be it the association with various organisations like WWF(Earth Hour), ANHAD, SWANS to name a few to solely raising funds for the Bihar flood victims, doing awareness concerts, peace concerts to condemn terrorism and recently playing for the kids at the SOS Children’s village with MAD foundation, Joshish has been voluntarily active for causes since its inception.

The video is an alternate version of their song  ‘Ho Subah’, which has been with them since they started as a band. This song has certainly reached the masses, serving hope, love and new vision all these years. But with this video they want people to simply realize FACTS about what a women has really gone through in our country. With this soul-touching ballad, they have incorporated facts about the various crimes against women, only to “remind” everyone that the work is far from done here… this country is far from saved… our women are far from safe! The video conveys a bitter but positive message, and towards the end of the song, they highlight their idea of sustaining belief, during the most will-breaking of circumstances, and then, a new dawn is inevitable. Vocals Sameer  says “We all know the power that music and art convey, and as soon as this video hits an audience, it is bound to leave an impact on their minds so strong and for so much longer than the news flashes and continually diminishing public protests, that we might actually be able to produce a result here. Like I said earlier, “an unconditionally hopeful process”. We strive to not just evoke but sustain an unrest in the hearts of our countrymen, and only better will follow. We want to give thought a direction – of restraining the offenders, not the offended. Because when that would be the PATH, then CHANGE, inevitably (and you can mark it), would be the RESULT.”

Watch Wake up for a ‘New Dawn’ here:


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