Jananta is ready to create new vibes with her upcoming song ‘Raagiyal’

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Guwahati based singer/ composer Jananta Juri is ready to create new vibes with her second upcoming song ‘Raagiyal’. Jananta tells IMM about her upcoming release

Raagiyal is an Assamese Jazz and Waltz feel composition written by my mother Mrs Subhadra Bezbaruah, sung and composed by me.”

Jananta Juri, who graduated from Bhatkhande Gharana in Hindustani Music in 2016, previously released her debut Assamese RnB single ‘Bosundhora’ on all major music streaming platforms. Talking about her first also debut single ‘Bosundhora‘ Jananta says

“Bosundhora means planet earth. And this song is about my deep love and appreciation for this planet earth. My mother, Subhadra Bezbaruah is the writer of this song. Me myself have composed this song. And Music has been produced by Assamese Industry’s ace music director Poran Borkakoty (Jojo). This song is straight from the heart to our heartland.”

‘Raagiyal’ is set to release in the month of May 2023.

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