Indradhanu: An Enchanting Musical Journey through Life’s Emotions

Andy Lekharu
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Indradhanu, an Assamese musical masterpiece by our very own dear Shankuraj, invites listeners to embark on an enchanting voyage through the intricate tapestry of human emotions. With its name translating to “Rainbow” in Assamese, the album beautifully captures the essence of life’s vibrant spectrum of feelings and experiences.

Gear up to embark on this extraordinary musical odyssey with “Indradhanu”. This album explores a range of emotions with each song, making for an immersive experience. The lyrical content of the album ventures into the depths of the human imagination, exploring themes of love, loss, heartbreak, spiritualism, and the vast cosmos. Get ready to be captivated by the profound storytelling and evocative melodies that await you.

“Indradhanu” is a true masterpiece when it comes to musical composition. It skillfully weaves together a variety of genres and sounds, resulting in an enchanting atmosphere. The album showcases a mesmerizing blend of dreamy electronic sound design, infused with elements of lofi and rock. The overall musical experience is enriched by the beautiful complement of contrasting vocals with the mellow singing, adding depth and texture. Prepare to be swept away by the artistry and creativity that shines through every track of “Indradhanu”.

“Indradhanu” presents a beguiling track list that promises a diverse and engaging musical experience. Here are the songs included in the album:

1.”Prarthana” (Tentative Name)

2. “Indradhanu”

3. “Nisukoni Geet”

4. “Bonoriya Phool”

5. “Popiya Tora”

6. “Smritir Pokhila”

7. “Xipa”

8. “Paakar Tujhko” (Hindi)

With each song offering its unique flavor and narrative, “Indradhanu” takes you on an unforgettable musical journey filled with emotions, stories, and melodies. Prepare to submerge yourself in this incredible collection of tracks, where every song has its special charm.

Absolutely! Shanku’s dedication and passion for music are apparent in every aspect of this project. The amount of heart and soul poured into “Indradhanu” is truly remarkable, and it’s transparent that this album is an act of grace. Every note and lyric carries with it a sense of deep emotion and genuine commitment to creating something significant felt by the listener. “Indradhanu” is not just another album; it is a profound and introspective journey through the human experience. Prepare to be moved and inspired by this memorable addition to the world of music.

It’s a fantastic news! Shankuraj’s decision to undertake on a multi-city tour to promote “Indradhanu” would be a wonderful opportunity for fans to experience the magic of the album live. Make sure to mark your calendars and be part of this extraordinary journey as Shankuraj takes “Indradhanu” on the road!

Tickets are available at:

Mumbai: Click here for tickets

Delhi: Click here for tickets



About Shankuraj

Popular singer, songwriter, and company oser from Assam, Shankuraj has a deep connection with art and music. Hailing from the creative hub of Jorhat town, he is one of the new-age maestros who has extensively explored different styles of music.

In doing so, he has not only broadened his standing in world music but also introduced the world to the melancholy of Assamese neo-folk fusion. His songs not only have deep symphonies inspired by the age age-additional Assamese sounds but also are backed by very powerful and meaningful poetry.

His deep thirst to amalgamate indigenous sounds with timeless poetries has taken him to become one of the most soul sought-after popular musicians of the times in Assam and Northeast. With each of his songs becoming sensational hits among the masses one after the other, Shankuraj enjoys a special place in the hearts of his ever-growing fan base. And for him, the journey has just begun…

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