Eclectica releases their 4th Project Aao Zara’s Music Video

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Eclectica, The Biggest Open Band Project of NIT and SPA Bhopal releases the Music Video of its 4th Project Aao Zara on Youtube.

Eclectica is an “Open” band initiated by the students of SPA Bhopal on 13th may 2010. It celebrates the congregation of people, ideas and expression through music.

When we decided to make a video for the song “Aao Zara” we thought of coming up with an unconventional video, our idea was to tell a complete story within that 5 minutes rather than explaining every word of the song. we came up with a base story that revolves around a boy who is struggling to become a singer, his attention seeking girlfriend and how few small incidents change their life. We kept on adding bits to the story until it became a complete story which everyone can relate.

Working with my friends Bala, Rohit, Arushi and Aparna was a nice experience. We had loads of fun while shooting the scenes. we made many mistakes, we learnt a lot. Now we are eagerly waiting for the 21st of December, the judgement day

Says Video director Raahul Sritharan


At some point of time, we cross some people who we misunderstood or misjudged and move apart from the chain of souls

says Sourav Das, the songwriter.He adds,

There is indeed an unstoppable apocalypse approaching towards us, if not on the place we live in then it may happen with the people we live with.

The 4th release song named “AAO ZARA” which is slated to be released on 21st December 2012, tries and sends a message to ‘pay it forward’ and summon each other and Aao Zara_Promo Pic2face the apocalypse happening within ourselves, a social and metaphysical and intangible one which we are witnessing due to the self in us growing larger and larger on our every win by deceit, through a shattered relationship as a genesis of the unexpected and unstoppable ‘end of days’. An eye for an eye would make the world blind. The song spreads out the message of the mythical apocalypse above all of our lives.


This release of the open project tries to unleash the hidden expertise of bhopal’s music extravaganza, as we featured Javed Khan , a young sarangi virtuoso of Gwalior Gharana. The whole song is set in an acoustic base and background to reflect simplicity and to put before everyone an honest and poignant ballad.

Says Abhinav Agarwal , producer , Eclectica.



Aao Zara’s Team work includes:

Producer :- Abhinav Agrawal

Composer :- Sourav Das


Vocals – Sourav Das

Guitars – Ritabrata Chaki

Sarangi – Javed Khan

Tabla – Naim Allahwale

Sound Designing – Abhinav Agrawal

Watch Aao Zara’s Music Video here:

You can download the Audio for FREE here ‘Right click and save target as’ or ‘Click on the Download button to download AAO ZARA Audio’ for free


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