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dewarist-5-0The most awarded blended scotch whisky, DEWAR’S, presents the fifth season of first-of-its-kind musictravel
show called ‘The Dewarists’ that is based on DEWAR’S philosophy of LIVE TRUE. LIVE TRUE is a
message of inspiration and a label for the lives of those who’ve turned their passion into their driving
force. The Dewarists is a movement that identifies people who have followed their heart and inspired
those who want to. The show will feature collaborations between various Indian and international
musicians and artists from across the world with a focus on creating new music. The music will be
released on Dewarists Youtube Channel
At DEWAR’S we believe that there is a need to LIVE TRUE to our passions, to welcome the blind turns and
challenge been-and-done to make an inspired change. The Dewarists represents everything that simmers
under the mainstream, pushing the boundaries of experimentation in the arts, and for the Dewarists, how
they have chosen to lead their lives.
Part musical documentary and part travelogue, The Dewarists 5.0 celebrates individuals who have
followed their passion and shifted the paradigm through their original approach, and will follow
the journey of two such artists from completely different musical backgrounds, who will travel
together to one destination in India and spend time dabbling with each other’s music style. By the
end of the journey, the artists will have together created a track that will reflect each other’s genres and
influences and as well as the what they gathered from their experiences at this new destination and
through their journey there.
Each episode is to be shot at exotic locations like Ladakh in Jammu and Kashmir, Manali in Himachal
Pradesh, and Shillong in Meghalaya, Madhya Pradesh. For the artist, it’s not just about discovering each
other’s music but also discovering the place and the location and incorporating musical influences from
the local environment. An Indian American musician, producer and composer ‘Karsh Kale’ is the host of
The Dewarists 5.0.
Commenting on The Dewarists 5.0, Vijay Subramaniam, MD, Bacardi India Pvt. Ltd. said, “The
Dewarists 5.0 will celebrate the creative individuals who embody the DEWAR’S LIVE TRUE spirit. The aim
of The Dewarists is to communicate an untold story and capture the essence of the artists and their LIVE
TRUE journey.”

Following are the collaborations for The Dewarists 5.0:
• Benny, Neazy and Dub Sharma (Location – Manali)
• Clinton Cerejo, Bianca Gomes and Deepak Ramola (Location – Ladakh)
• Ankur Tewari and Prateek Kuhad (Location – Shillong)
• Dhruv Ghanekar and Mame Khan
• Nucleya and Papon
• Amit Trivedi

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