One on One with the Skull Crushing Metal guys from Mumbai ‘Sarfaad’

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Sarfaad is a brand new addition to the Indian Metal Scene. The 4 piece Modern Math Metal act from Mumbai got our attention with their single Painting a Villain and we simply got hooked.

We got a chance to talk to them about their current scenario and their future plans.


  • Why Sarfaad? How did you guys came up with the name?

We went over quite a few names but Sarfaad (pronounced सरफाड) was one of the first names suggested by Sushant. After some discussion we just went ahead with it because it represents our music in the best way.  Sarfaad, literally means splitting of the head and it is the band’s core essence to deliver a background score to that.


  • How would you explain your genre?

In popular terms we’re a metalcore band, most of our fans consider us Djent. We’re just happy making music.


  • Members and their music influences?

There’s a range of influences varying with each and every member.

Sushant is heavily inspired by techie guitar riffs of Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza, Reflections, Northlane etc.

Arbaaz grew up on lot of nu-metal, later discovered hardcore and hip hop which seep into his writing. He is also influenced by current issues faced by the global community. All this can be clearly seen in the lyrics of our songs. He takes his influence from Zach De La Roca, Corey Taylor, Oli Sykes, Jim Morrison etc.

Sanjeet’s main musical influences come from Tosin Abasi, Jakub Żytecki, Allan Holdsworth and all.

Reeshav grew up listening to everything from jazz to metal and he enjoys listening to psychedelic trance and trap music on a regular basis. He quotes Meshuggah, Animals As Leaders, Chick Corea, Dave Weckl as main influences.


  • Thinking/writing procedure of Painting a Villain?

Painting a Villain talks how radicalization works in our society. How it is easy to tame minds into following propaganda’s of false idols. It takes you into the mind of an individual who’s been a social outcast trying to find a place in society and finally turning into a negative element to the society.

Artwork- Sushant Vohra (Vohrart)


  • Tell something about your upcoming single DOG DAYS.

Lyrically DD talks about a constant state of decay our world is going through with corporations and institutions fooling the masses with false hope leading us to the question ‘Where are the good days?’


  • Favorite Indian metal bands!

It’s hard to pick but from the current crop of bands we’d say If Hope Dies, Alien Sky Cult, Pacifist, Dirge, Diarchy, Amorphia, Tangents.

From the veterans it’s Providence, Zygnema, Undying Inc., Bhayanak Maut and Scribe.


Artwork- Sushant Vohra (Vohrart)
  • Gigs that you guys really looking forward to play?

We had a whole tour planned with Tangents from Bangalore panning 3-4 cities. But with the Covid situation we don’t know what the future holds but we’re definitely following up with everyone that’s shown interest in having us to their cities.


  • Future endeavors (EP/Album)

We’re done with the pre-production of 6 tracks and ready to hit the studio with it. There’ll be more follow up releases to PAV and DD which will end up culminating into a full length album.



Do check out Sarfaad’s single

Painting a Villain

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