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Interviewed by Ajoy M Lanong

De Profundis was formed just over 5 years ago. How have these 5 years been for you guys?


Shoi (Guitars) : I joined exactly 4 years ago and I can tell it’s been a pretty crazy ride. We really didn’t think we would get so far so quickly. We always believed in ourselves but some of the opportunities that came our way early on really helped our development. Playing at March Metal Day in Greece with bands like Nevermore and Annihilator or at Bloodstock with Opeth and supporting the mighty Maiden in India, these high profile gigs gave a young band like us the opportunity to learn quickly from big established outfits. The recent tour of India will never leave our memories, the reception we got there was simply humbling. So here’s to the next 5 years!



   The band released its new album ‘A Bleak Reflection’ earlier this year in India. Can you tell us a bit about the album?


Shoi : It’s an ambitious album with lots of twists and turns. For us it was a major step from a songwriting point of view.  As the band had been together for some time, we had a chance to incorporate each other’s ideas a lot more. With Nick and Arran’s arrivals on the rhythm section, allowed us to explore new ideas and pushed the songwriting into more complex avenues.

We are already working on the next album, and even got to premiere a new song during our India tour. Judging how the crowd went nuts every time we played it, I think the third album will be another major step but somewhat a more direct album!

You have toured India after almost a year since the band’s performance alongside the legendary Iron Maiden. How does it feel to be back in India?


Shoi : Well, we are doing this interview 2 days after coming back from India. Myself and our artist representative Grey and Saurian worked really hard to get this tour together. The British Council has been an amazing sponsor. So before we left we were really excited to go back to India but a little bit worried that everything would be going according to schedule. Now that the tour is over, we just can’t believe how fantastic the whole experience was.  The fans in India went crazy at all our gigs. Our gig with Maiden in 2009 was good but marred with technical problem.  This time it was just a blast. We can’t wait to go back!



   This time around De Profundis performed in 5 cities,and the first time in Guwahati and Shillong. How has the response been in these two cities?


Shoi : My family is from Kolkata so I have been there a lot since I was a kid. However I had never ventured to the North East states. It was an incredible experience. The hospitality and set up of the organisers there was second to none. The fans in Guwahati and Shillong were loud, crazy and really dedicated metalheads. I could see them from the stage really feeling the music. They were so hungry for it. We will never forget those 2 cities.



   De Profundis was the main support act at The Great Indian October Fest 2010.You guys performed before festival headliners Lacuna Coil. Can you tell us a little about that?


Shoi : We were really excited to play Bangalore once again. Last time we played with Maiden, the gear provided was so bad that we couldn’t play to our best. This time the organisers of October Fest were really on the ball. They provided us with very good gear, so we went on stage with the intention to show our fans in Bangalore what De Profundis is really like on stage. And we delivered, for 40 minutes the band and the crowd in Bangalore were one. Craig did a towering job as a front man. We loved every moment of the show.  Our contact at the British Council was at the gig and she is not a metal fan so she was planning to see a couple of numbers and then go, but she told me she was totally engrossed with our performance that she stayed till the end!



   De Profundis’s message to their Indian fans!


Shoi: Well, a massive thank you to all you crazy metalheads in India. De Profundis was humbled by the reception we got throughout the tour. To our fans in Chennai, once again our apologies for the mishap with the venue, we promise to come back there!


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