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Interview by: Ajoy M Lanong

Pangea is a Prog Metal/Soundtrack/Drone outfit from Mumbai.Consisting of Akshay Rajpurohit,

Shadaab Kadri and Kuber Sharma and these guys only create sit-on-your-couch-and-blaze music.


IMM: Hello guys! What’s been happening at the Pangea camp?

Pangea: We have been conceptualizing the new album. Working on a longer live set and just getting rammed at work.


IMM:  Pangea was formed 5 years ago with Akshay Rajpurohit of Scribe ,Shadaab Kadri & Kuber Sharma of Black Hole Theory,how did Pangea happened?

Pangea:  It was first only Akshay who started this band. It was called Orion J9 Foundation then. I later joined the band and while we were recording the album with Kuber we realized that he was meant to be part of this band and he became part of it as well.


IMM: “Snails are when I was young” is the debut album of Soundtrack, Metal, Drone outfit Pangea,what’s the album all about?

Pangea: Its just what we like to make, what we felt like making. This is sort of the sound that we were looking at and are quite happy with what we achieved. Although,  I think the next album will define our sound.


IMM:  Recently the band was also nominated for the Rolling Stone Metal Awards. Quite a feat. How did it feel?

Pangea: It was crazy. We were the only band that was nominated in 5 categories although we had never performed live before. Its a great feeling when your hard work is recognized. We knew we would never win cause no one had heard of us but its been a great start and we want to maintain this momentum in our favour.

IMM:  Any plans of rocking Shillong or the other North eastern states?

Pangea:  Oh man!! The last time I was there was for GIR in 2009 -10 I think. I love Shillong. Its one of the most beautiful places in the country. We need to gig there. I hope we get to soon.


IMM:  Akshay and Shadaab have been to Shillong..what’s your message to the fans here…

Pangea: YOU GUYS ARE CRAZYYYYYY! Hope to see ya’ll very soon.

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