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These guys made their debut on the 8th August 2008(888) Powerplay and they call themselves Plague Throat! A death metal band that everyone wants to listen too over and over again! The three powerhouse of this band Nangsan(Guitar, vocals), Iaidon(Bass, vocals )and Malice (Drums),are perhaps one of Shillong’s most loved band. The band’s track ‘Present Chaos’  and ‘The Pretentious and The Deceived’  has  been featured in many compilation albums like .Brutal Pokhara : Occult Science of Metal,Putrid Ascendancy : Ascending True Indian Metal ,Brutal Pokhara : Build On Chaos Field ,Metal Spree : New Year Killing Spree,Brutal Launch Box : Life is sick and brutal. And recently on the 8th August 2013 they release their EP ‘An Exordium To Contagion’.

  • Congratulations on completing 5 years guys! How has the journey been?

Plague Throat: Thank you. Firstly, we’re very grateful to whatever is responsible for bringing the three of us together to make this brand of music. In these five years, we have experienced many thrilling and great moments together, making, playing and recording our stuff. Touring and performing in different places, seeing great bands and meeting good people was fun and adventurous although they were full of perils at times. All in all, we can say that we are confident about being really glad to have chosen this path and will continue treading the same until time will get the better of us.


  • ‘Present Chaos’ and ‘The Pretentious and The Deceived’ has been featured in many compilation albums. And now PT finally      released their EP. How did it come about? How do you guys feel?

Plague Throat: Ever since we started this band, we tried composing music the way we like it and came up with our first track, Manga, which is sung in our native tongue. Then came a string of brutal tracks which we were dying to record. Thankfully we got it done in the same year. The production was not up to the mark and so we later hit a few other studios and still did not get the sound we wanted. It was then that we started learning a bit of the recording, mixing and mastering process. The later tracks and the EP were thus self-produced. We are both honored and happy to have our tracks featured in those albums and also about the EP which is now available for the listeners to grab a hold of.


  • August 8th 2013 saw many bands together supporting PT. How do you think the response was?Plague Throa_band_live

Plague Throat: On that day, we released our EP with a concert featuring nine other extreme metal bands from our hometown, Shillong and one band from Gauhati. It was an amazing spectacle. One which we never had the privilege of experiencing. The venue was packed, the crowd was ferocious and the bands were legendary. Serene Atrocity is surely going down in our books as the best concert ever. Everyone’s imperishable support is greatly appreciated.



  • PT hardly takes part in Music competitions. Is there a reason for not doing so?

Plague Throat: We competed once or twice when PT started. There’s never any positivity or any future in it (or we did not see it if there was any) so it’s better to stick to doing what’s important and what really matters for the band.


Plague Throat_band2

  • What do you guys think of the present music scenario in Shillong or the entire State?

Plague Throat:  We are only interested in the state’s Metal Scene and everybody probably knows that we have only one or two Metal gigs a year. Sometimes we go for years without hearing any distorted guitars or growls at any of the venues. Bands like ours never have any chance or exposure in Shillong even though the passionate Death Metal folks are the ruling majority here. With their support, we hope to lift the scene. We just have to work on it and we have full faith on no one else but our supporters.


  • So when do the hardcore lover s of your music gets to see PT live in action again!?

Plague Throat: As part of our EP launch tour, we hit Guwahati on the 19th of August , Mumbai on 28th September and Bangalore on 29thSeptember. These are the ones that are confirmed till date. We hope to get confirmation from the others soon and tour more cities this year. Lastly, we thank the band’s listeners and friends for giving us the support we need. We won’t be doing it if it was not for you people. Thank you!!!!

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