Interview with Los Angeles Metal band ‘Testing Tomorrow’

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Interview by:  A Joe Lanong

How are you guys doing?


Jesse Dean(Vox) : Doing great guys!



    For many folks in India who don’t know testing Tomorrow,tell us how the band happen and a bit about the band members?


Jesse Dean: Testing Tomorrow started in 2003 with Jeff Stevens and myself (Jesse Dean) in Los Angeles, CA. We were both from 2 very different parts of the US but somehow our music was very similar. Oddly enough it was by listening to tracks we had posted on the Internet that we found each other. I had just moved to LA from NY and he from Colorado.


We found some local musicians and started work on our first Album. The band at first was called Raill and we released a 3 song demo. That demo lead to Album “ONE” by Testing Tomorrow in 2006. This of course is after a number of lineup changes and the final help of producer Daniel Dede Ehrlich (Slipknot, Slayer, Metallica).


1/2 way through album one we hooked up with G Mejia and Freezie Hughes and they ended up sticking with us and recording “the push” in 2008. The Push is much more mature and darker than One. It was produced by Rae Dileo (Filter, STP, Army of Anyone).

We were all going through a rough time financially and spiritually. I do believe for most of that album G and I were homeless as well.


Come 2009 Jeff and I started thinking a different direction was needed for TT in order to grow. We wanted more from our sound. The creative differences caused a Riff with G and Freezie and we started writing in our own.


After holding some Auditions, an excellent bass player flew in from Hawaii. Andrew Barnes joined the band and we began writing. Then out of nowhere, Diego Grom Meraviglia came in to audition. He said he was responding to an ad we posted but no one claims to have posted it. Grom is an amazing drummer. Formerly a member of “Ancient” in Europe. They were one of the first Black Metal bands signed to a Major.


He loved the new music and here we sit today.


Our newest releas “the pull” was produced by Daniel Dede Ehrlich. He is very good with electronic music and has grown with the band from Album ONE. We are very happy to say sales and reviews have been excellent!!



What about your record “One”,can you tell us about the inspiration behind the record?


Jesse Dean: One was a split record. For mist of it, we had no bass player. We relied on Jeff for instrumentation. It was actually started and finished by different drummers as well.



   Musical influences in the States is huge.What do you guys owe your genre too?


Jesse Dean: I have a classical music degree from a large university in NY. The other guys are all very well rounded musicians. Everything from Black Metal to Beethoven. Hahha  



   How has the response been since the band was formed?


Jesse Dean: We have die hard fans and we live them to death. They have supported us since the beginning and continue to do so today. I think they feel as if they are a part of us and grow with us.



    What is TT working on right now?


Jesse Dean: Touring and Major Support. We have a big show coming up with Nonpoint and we are really looking forward to it.




    TT is nominated for  Producers choice and best National Band for LA Music Awards.So is the worth the wait?


Jesse Dean: It’s an honor. We played for the judges years ago. It’s nice to see they still live us.



     What would you like to say to music lovers of India?


Jesse Dean: We are as much fans of you as you are of us. Thank you for being amazing fans and feel free to write anytime!!

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