Interview with former Ozzy osbourne/ Billy idol/ Whitesnake/Foreigner drummer Brian Tichy

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  • Brian Tichy365262Hello Brian…Greetings from India and Welcome to IMM.

Brian: Hello Ashiqur! Thanks for inviting me to do this!!


  • How have you been? Give us an update on your recent works.

Brian: I am better than most, not as good as some! haha… I am currently putting the final preps on a handful of shows on the East Coast of the US.


On Saturday, May 31, at Bergen PAC in NJ, is BONZO BASH! 15 DRUMMERS! EDDIE TRUNK HOSTING ! PETER CRISS APPEARING!! Gonna be great! Here’s all that info!



Special guest appearance by drum legend Peter Criss!


Zach Alford (David Bowie/ B-52’s/ Bruce Springsteen)

Will Calhoun (Living Colour)

Joe Franco (Good Rats/ Twisted Sister)

Jerry Gaskill (King’s X)

John Hummel (Lady Gaga)

Johnny Kelly (Kill Devil Hill/ Danzig/ Type O Negative)

Corky Laing (Mountain)

Ron Lipnicki (Overkill)

Bob Pantella (Monster Magnet/ C.O.P./ Atomic Bitchwax)

AJ Pero (Adrenaline Mob / Twisted Sister)

Bobby Rondinelli (Rainbow/ Black Sabbath)

Danny Schuler (Biohazard)

Chad Szeliga (BLS/ Scott Stapp)

Brian Tichy (Whitesnake/ Foreigner/ Ozzy/ Billy Idol)

Karl Wilcox (Diamond Head)


Creator/Drums: Brian Tichy (Whitesnake/ Foreigner/ Billy Idol/ Ozzy Osbourne)

Guitar: Brent Woods (Vince Neil/ Sebastian Bach)

Bass: Michael Devin (Whitesnake/ Jason Bonham’s Led Zep Exp.)

Vox: Chas West (Bonham/ Lynch Mob)

Keys: Stephen LeBlanc (Jason Bonham’s Led Zep Exp.)


Tickets available here

Press and VIP Info: Noelle Kim 310-849-3444 / mail here


VIP tickets available here

A Tichy/ Sutton Production




Then for the next week we get into Randy Rhoads Remembered! 5 shows … I’m on drums… Rudy Sarzo on bass… Here’s that info!!! I’ll attach the posters as well..


=Brian Tichy35327

Randy Rhoads Remembered

A Celebration For A Guitar Legend Playing every song from Blizzard Of Ozz and Diary Of A Madman, and more!


Phil Demmel

Michael Devin

Joel Hoekstra

Sherri Klein

Stephen LeBlanc

Mike Orlando

Kathy Rhoads

Kelle Rhoads

Rudy Sarzo

Alex Skolnick

Brian Tichy

Mike Tichy

Eddie Trunk

Chas West

Brent Woods

Phil X

Jeff Young

6.3 Stone Pony Asbury Park , NJ

6.4 Bergen PAC Englewood NJ

6.6 1150 Oak Bar, Cranston , Rhoads Island SOLD OUT

6.7 Stafford Springs Theater , Stafford Springs CT

6.8 The Ballroom, Waynesboro, PA


I then do some master classes and private lessons at Ritchie’s Music Center in Rockaway,NJ the following week… plus a master class at Drummer’s Collective in NYC.


Then, all July and August, I drum for The Dead Daisies. We open up for Bad Co. and Lynyrd Skynyrd in July .. and KISS/Def Leppard in August.




  • What got you into music in the first place? Who were your influences growing up.

Brian: Music and drums came to me.. there was no conscious effort.. it just was..


Drums came naturally at a young age… so much that I thought everyone could do it.. or … that I just loved it so much that it I became it…


My first influence was Peter Criss of KISS. But at the same time.. anything and everything having to do with drums was an influence.. mind you, I was like 8 years old. I then soon got into John Bonham, Joey Kramer, Neil Peart, Alex VH, and tons of others!!!



  • Brian Tichy7654Tell us about your time in the reputed Berklee College of music.

Brian: I loved it! I lived it! 3 years in the dorms… non stop practicing drums and guitar.. you gotta be smart there though, for it is a different mentality .. you have to learn learn learn … and then , learn how to use what you learned.. I went 1986 to 1989… then a year off .. then graduated in 1990 .



  • Tell us a bit about “Ball” ?

Brian: I started that band cuz I had riffs, songs, and stuff I wanted to get out and play on guitar. I couldn’t find a singer so I went for it. We released THE GRAND HUMAN DISASTER SCENARIO in Japan in May of 1999. WE got a deal in the US for AMERICAN AGGRESSION .. but the label went under and it was a struggle to get a new one.. it was a lot of work but a lot of fun.. I love playing gtr and writing tunes..



  • How was it working with Billy idol and Foreigner?

Brian: It’s great! All great.. all the way around.. I never take it for granted !


I grew up learning how to play to Foreigner records.. so it means a lot.


I played on their last studio record, CAn’t Slow Down…. And Billy gave me my first real opportunity to write with a hit maker.


We did his Devil’s Palyground record together, a Christmas record, and tunes for his Greatest Hits record. He’s awesome!



  • How did Whitesnake happen? What was the reason behind your leaving Whitesnake last year?Brian Tichy4734

Brian: I left Foreigner to stay home more and focus on other stuff.. this was April of 2010. Two days later, Doug Aldrich called. We had done a jam in Hollywood earlier that year… David Coverdale had already contacted me back in 2003 about Whitesnake.. but Tommy Aldridge rejoined… So we did the record, and we didn’t go on tour until 2011.. so it gave me time to be home and start other stuff as well…


It was a blast playing in WS! DC is awesome!!! Very supportive! We just talked the other day… all is cool!!!



  • How hard is it to adapt to the different musical styles of the varied artists you have worked with ?

Brian: It’s not. It is nothing different than the fun and the pressure I put on myself from 3rd grade on when playing to records with headphones on.. I simply try to imitate and nail the groove and style of the drummer I am playing along with .. I think that was very helpful in me being able to fit into many different styles of rock bands.



  • What is the secret of the Speed bag?

Brian: The secret is to practice slowly at first and control the bag… control is the key .. just like an instrument or anything new you are doing .. one step at a time… It is first a control bag..then a speed bag .. but anyway you slice it .. it rules.



  • What is S.U.N all about?

Brian: SUN is a kickass Gypsy rock band that Sass Jordan and I started together. Michael Devin is on bass and live it’s Tommy Stewart on drums. I play guitar. I love it.. but it’s an uphill battle in the music biz these days.. you can get our record… Something Unto Nothing on iTunes and we have a new NOMAD EP out!!!!!



  • Brian Tichy5648Ever thought about a completely solo career?

Brian: Yes. I would like to and just do whatever I want.. but it takes money and a band of kick ass musicians … but with that.. maybe it’s something I’ll pursue sooner than later.. makes sense to me..



  • Any plans for touring India ? Have you heard any indian band/artist?

Brian: No, I have no plans.. but I would definitely be into it!!! I do not know many, if any Indian artists.. but I do have a couple Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan cds because I read Jeff Buckley rave about him. He’s awesome!!!



  • Your take on the current music scene.

Brian: Hmm. Some good … some not so good..


I don’t listen to much new stuff. And as far as new bands breaking thru and all that.. it seems hard.. but also easier with internet and social media.. but man.. you can’t even care about all that… It comes from a belief and a love.. you do it cuz you have to.. you do it to see if you can.. you do it cuz it’s your life.. so don’t blame the biz or the current state of whatever.. just focus on inspiration and work hard.. it shouldn’t be easy .. never should, cuz then it wouldn’t be special and everyone would do it.. and then life is boring ..



  • Your advice to budding musicians on how to do it right.

Brian: See above.. don’t make excuses, don’t be annoying .. don’t turn people off with your obvious insecurities and name dropping.. kick ass and get heard.. if you kick ass for real.. people will talk .. don’t worry about being the big fish in the small pond.. don’t worry about the small pond.. there’s always way more going on than what we surround ourselves with .. you can’t be touring arenas and living the dream if you are caught up with little bs within a small community .. be above the bs and look at guys like Eddie Van Halen, Randy Rhoads, Neil Peart, Jimmy Page and Dimebag Darrell.. they are so engulfed in what they are .. that’s what they live.. live what you want to … not what others think…



  • Tell us about the gear you use.

Brian: Drum stuff: I use Natal drums.. owned by Marshall.. Regal Tip Tish Stix with P.E.F. on them!!!! Paiste cymbals! and Remo heads! They all rule!! done deal!!! I play Gibson, Dean, and Marshall and Dunlop and endorse PreSonus, Intex Cables.. and they all rule!



  • Give a sneak peak into your future projects. Brian Tichy4637

Brian: Future: shit.. hmmm… well… next January at Namm.. I think it would be pretty cool to do a Bonzo Bash, Randy Rhoads Remembered, and Entwistle/Moon- The Ox & The Loon shows all back to back for 3 days.. But for now… my summer is booked with The Dead Daisies.. and I have some clinics in Europe late October.. there’s a couple projects in the works that I hope pan out ..and maybe a solo record.. and maybe a TV show.. TICHY THYME… entertaining funny and based in music and laughter…


  • This is your space…Leave a message for your fans.. Thank you Brian !!!

Brian: If you are a fan, I salute you!! Without anyone giving a shit, I wouldn’t be doing this!!! Thanks for any and all interest on any and every level! It means everything to me!!!!!

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