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Interviewed by:Bhaskar J. Das

IMM: Tell us about the formation of your band.

Swadhyay: Gourav Maama Saikia is the front man and the founder of our band. Gourav was very much keen to form a band since his school days..He did form a band in early HS days and then went to Delhi for higher studies.After completing graduation,he came back to Guwahati and asked his band mate Rishav to form a band.Thereby we stand tall today,searched for a good guitarist,keyboardist and drummer.And hence Swadhyay formed!


IMM: What made you guys think of composing songs in Assamese with your band name derived from a Sanskrit word?

Swadhyay: Well,Gourav coined the word Swadhyay i.e Self-study in sanskrit because he wanted to convey  messages to the people of Assam making them realize,analyse,and understand the problems and mistakes that we have tackled .So,we decided to compose songs in Assamese so that it reaches to every Assamese and convey messages through music.


IMM: Your compositions are mainly focused on social evils. So do you think you will be able to bring consciousness on people’s mind through your music?

Swadhyay: Yes, definitely ,we do think like that..we believe music can create consciousness and understanding coz music is always connected to the soul!


IMM: You also have an English track to your credit. So can your audience term you as a bilingual band?

Swadhyay: Well,we leave this to our audience. We just want to create music,no matter its in Assamese, English, Hindi etc. We just want to deliver good music through which people can relate them!

IMM: We have seen changes in your band line-up. What might be the reason?

Swadhyay: Hmm,its very hard to form a band and carry it for years as all band members have their personal problems regarding studies, job etc..But somehow we manage.After all, its our passion and dedication towards music.


IMM: Do you guys have any future plan of releasing any album?

Swadhyay:  Yes,we are planning to release our first album next year..We have already composed 8 tracks and we have recorded two songs of them and released them online through facebook.


IMM: What do you have to say about the present music scenario prevailing in Assam?

Swadhyay: feels good that  many bands are emerging from Assam and they are doing good. Many Metal acts are prevailing in our city and thereby Guwahati can be called as the Metal Capital! But there is a kind of rigging in some rock band competitions however,young crowd must judge the best band!


IMM: Finally, what can we expect from Swadhyay in near future?

Swadhyay: Well,our first ever full-length album to be released by next year and we are planning to do more rock shows and Bihu programs also.


IMM: Good wishes to you guys from IMM team. Any word you want to spread?

Swadhyay: Thanks a lot…Love Music ,Not War!! 🙂

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