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  • Parikrama BandInterviewed by Ashok Gogoi from Strings India
  • So, starting with the very first question how does feel to create music that creates a difference from the rest of the musicians of the nation?

Well never really tried to be different, but yes, tried to make a difference to the society overall.


  • What are you looking forward to performing at Hard Rock Cafe, Worli?

We have been playing Andheri lately, so we coming back to Worli after a while. We are really looking forward as we had very memorable gigs out here.


  • The track “Am I dreaming” has been able to conquer the hearts of thousands of music lovers across the globe. We will be glad to know the story behind this awesome creation containing soothing guitar and violin music along with the awesome vocals.

Well, Nitin has been majorly influenced by the trilogy “Lord of the rings”, Am I dreaming is the first part, Tears of the wizard, the second and you will need to wait for the third part which will be out soon.


  • What’s the story behind naming the band which relates to the concept of “Orbital Revolution”?

Well, it just so happened, we wanted a Hindi name and Nitin was reading a book called Vishwa Parikrama and we stuck to Parikrama that denotes the circle of life.



  • We will be glad to know another story behind the awesome creation of “But it Rained”.

Well, we read an article in India Today by Ms. Harman Baweja, if I am not wrong, the issue was dated to 15th August 1995, in which the wives and relatives of the kidnapped foreign tourists came to India and Pakistan to request, to find their loved ones. We realised their position was far worse than the people who unfortunately lose someone special in their lives. Yes, it’s very difficult to lose someone but eventually with time, you accept it but what when someone goes missing, the pain of realising where that person would be, in what condition and the hope that he/she will come back one day ….that’s far more frustrating and tougher. It’s an endless wait.

But it rained is a story of those left behind.


  • And if I am not wrong this track “But it Rained” was listed as the greatest rock song of last 25 years by Rolling Stone India. What do you have to 599f940257aad96ea2098fc351304e25_largesay about it?

If it was, then Thank you to them, if it wasn’t, thank you to them still .


  • Music is one of the very expensive occupations today I guess. What’s your concept behind your constant attempt of giving the music to the listeners for free?

We decided in 1994 to give it out for free, and in return our music reached many more and we got many more live gigs, and the same applies today. You earn 100’s of times more in live gigs then in releases. We started this in 1995, and today many more do it and bottom line is – each to their own , end of story . Do what works for you the best.


  • Fusion of Indian classical instruments like mridangam and tabla along with instruments like guitars, drums and keyboards is something really that makes a difference. Is there something that influenced you do so?

Yes the 1984 Shri L Subramanium’s album – Conversations.


  • parikrama-eastwindWhat are the projects you guys are taking up lately?

Well we just did a song for world disability day , that was our first attempt in Hindi ever  called VEER ( for CNN IBN ) , basically for a good cause, besides, we are really looking up to the BIG celebrations , starting June 17th , 2016, when Parikrama turns 25 .


  • We would be glad to know your all time inspirations.

Each and every band of the 60”s / 70”s, and many more, basically classic rock – Floyd, Zep, Rush, Iron Maiden, ac dc , purple etc etc etc etc.

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