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  • MEET-BROS 2Tell us about your biggest influences which mostly inspire you to create music?

We don’t have any role models as well because we feel that we never learnt music, music was in us and that is what inspired us. It just comes out when we sit to jam. Certain things just happen and that’s exactly what has happened with us. We are hardly inspired by anyone but we do have favourites like AR Rahman sir, I have been a fan of Pritams’ variety of music but that’s only a fancy that I have for example I fancy for Nike the brand. We do our own thing and it’s just us. There are no two brothers making music together and singing in one voice. We have been doing it since our school days and that’s what set us apart.


  • Hard Rock Cafe is supporting and providing a platform to a lot of artists and musicians to showcase their talent. What is your take on it?

Pop industry died long time back when Bollywood music took over and it completely wiped the Pop scene off. So this is one of the best step forward at Cineyug to proceed opportunities for all Pop artists who come, showcase their music in their own way, make their own versions and show people what their take on music is. Hats off to Cineyug and Hard Rock Cafe for coming up with such a great concept.


  • Piracy has now affected Music. How do you think can this be stopped?

Music is going to be huge in the coming time. Internet downloads should be stopped and only then can we get control of and music piracy, which is a virus that has entered into the music world.


  • Tell us something about your upcoming projects.

We have a song coming up which is a very danceable and a romantic music tune in Kanikas voice for a movie titled The Legend of Michael Mishra Meet Bros 1which is a very interesting movie. If promoted well, it will definitely be one of the big songs.


  • How excited are you guys to perform at Hard Rock Cafe for Studio Bollywood Nights on 21st August?

We are going to give our 500% to make sure guys at Hard Rock Cafe have the most beautiful time ever.


  • Meet Bros 3How did Meet Bros happen and when?

Meet Brothers happened way back in 1999 when we passed out of college. We became so famous as singers in college that Manmeet and me were standing outside the canteen of Sydenham college, Manmeet was acting in some TV serial challenge and I told him that I want to do music and his immediate reaction was “Are you mad?” as we know nothing about music and how can we do music and we are not even singers. So I said that whatever little we knew and whatever little popularity we had in college, we should give music a shot, who knows if we click and we are successful. There is no brother band in the country so let’s make a brother band. I told Manmeet that I want to do music and I want to do it with you. So Manmeet told me that go ahead with it and ill be there whenever you need me. So that’s how it all started. We gave it a name “Meet Brothers”. Earlier we thought of various names like Punjabi Brothers, Band of Brothers. We made a whole list of names and then finally Manmeet and me froze on one name, so that’s how this name came up. The idea of music came up in college, the night before I met Manmeet outside the college canteen. I was seeing this very fat singer on MTV who sang totally out of track and I felt that if this guy can sing, even I can sing. People generally get inspiration from Kishore Da and Mr Rafi but my inspiration was a very bad singer. If people can invest money on a very bad singer and if he can come out with a music video then I am quite popular in college. So that’s what started in 1999.


  • You guys have worked on many renowned Bollywood movies. How has your experience been so far?

Been amazing so far!


  • Any message for your fans coming over to Hard Rock Cafe this Friday for Studio Bollywood Nights?

Get ready to rock hard at Hard Rock Cafe with Meet Brothers. Even if you don’t drink, we will make you feel drunk with our music. So be sure that we are going to give our 500% to make sure you guys have the most beautiful time ever at Hard Rock Cafe.


Watch them Live tonight at Hard Rock Cafe, Mumbai @ Bollywood Nights


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