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Hollow Point is a 4 piece metal band formed by the veterans of the Indian Metal scene. They have recently released their debut single called “FUBAR”.

Hollow Point is

Arun Iyer –     Vocals (DEVOID)
Gurdip Singh –  Bass (GUTSLIT)
Aaron Pinto –   Drums (GUTSLIT)
Abbas R –      Guitars (GODLESS)



We got in touch with Abbas who gave us insight about his brand new project Hollow Point and also talked about Godless, Wacken experience and many more.

Do check out the Interview.



  • Why Hollow Point?

Hollow Point is a bullet that has been made illegal for a while now. It’s designed to kill and has no half measures. That’s what we feel describes our music the best.



  • Tell us more about the genre of Hollow Point

We’re still in an early phase of songwriting. The influences primarily start off with some Grindcore, Death Metal and Hardcore. We all bring our own influences to the table as well so the sum of the 4 musicians put together is what Hollow Point is.



  • Band’s music influences

Pig Destroyer, Nasum, Napalm Death, Misery Index, Rotten Sound, Slayer, Dying Fetus would be some of the bands primary influences.



  • Writing procedure of Hollow Point.
Fubar (Single) Artwork

None of the band members have even met each other since the formation of the band. We put this project together during the lockdown, so the songwriting is done in our houses first. We put together some riffs and then share the music and ideas over emails/messages/video calls. There’s a bit of back and forth from there till we finalize the song and reach a point where we’re all satisfied with the song.



  • As you and Gurdip are both Bass players of Godless and Gutslit respectively, so who takes what responsibility for live events of Hollow Point?

I’ve shifted to guitar entirely and Gurdip will be handling bass duties.



  • Tell something about Eviscerating India tour.

I’ve been good friends with the Gutslit guys for a while now. I went along with them for their Asia tour as well so we got to spend a lot of time together and got talking about putting together a tour with both of our bands. This ended up being the first edition of Eviscerating India. We had another tour lined up for 2021, but due to Covid, we had to cancel it which unfortunately resulted in a huge loss of time and money for both the bands.



  • Favourite Indian metal bands.

For me personally, it would be Devoid, Gutslit, Eccentric Pendulum, Infernal Wrath. These are the bands that I listen to regularly and feel honoured to be a part of a band with musicians from some of these bands. Apart from these, bands I do enjoy listening to/watching live are Escher’s Knot, Inner Sanctum, Undying Inc, Necrophilia, Dirge, DeathByFungi, Pacifist, Plague Throat, Third Sovereign, Primitiv, Maneating Orchid.



  • Experience with Godless at Wacken Open Air.

Wacken was an unreal experience. For all of us in Godless, it was just a dream to go to Wacken just to be able to watch the bands perform there. Getting the opportunity to go share the stage there with the bands was incredible. Getting on stage and playing to a packed venue of 8000-10000 people from all across the world was insane. We got an great response and chants for an encore which made us feel like we’ve done something right with our music. We hope to be back there again some day.


  • Future plans with Godless and Hollow Point (Album/EP).

Godless is working on wrapping up work on our debut LP. We should hopefully have it out in early 2021.

Hollow Point is working on new material and we intend to put out music for the rest of the year and develop our sound and finally take this project live when the time is right.


Watch ‘Fubar’ Lyrics video:



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