A last walk with Bard of the Brahmaputra Dr Bhupen Hazarika

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At Dighalipukhuri, DAY 1,on the way to his home!

 Article and Photos By guest writer Supritam Nayak


Late Dr. Bhupen Hazarika Conferred Padma Vibhushan, India’s second highest civilian award posthumously, his son Tej Hazarika, accepted the honour on behalf of his father from the President of India at the Rastrapati Bhawan on 22 March, 2012 !!!



I was very lucky to witness and to follow the motorcade, i made my way to the airport and went with the motorcade till his home. ..witnessing a huge crowd all along the way. ..and went, where he was being rested for like 3 days and that day, my patience was tested, the whole day i had to stand in a queue for nearly 9 long hours from 9 till 5:45 in the evening, even though it was worth it and finally guided him along wid with entire ppl of north-east and other part of the india & world to bid him for the final time for his cremation at the Guahati University Campus, i feel proud to say that i was being a part of the history among the lakhs of ppl who where present there. I still remember the day. It was simply heart-throbing the kind of love people showed for him. The quote “Bhupen Da amor hok” (Love Live Bhupen Da) was in each one’s mouth, no matter if he a kid or a old, old lady. It was a sea of humanity who shed their tears for their most beloved artist ..yeah he made each one of us proud!! India’s most famous folk singer, who popularized the culture of the country’s northeast and introduced it to the world, yes, we are proud of you, Bhupen Da!!



He was a maestro!! Simply uncomparable!!


BHUPAN DA ‘Amor Hok’

Near Cotton College, DAY 1, on the way to his home!
DAY 1, finally Late Bhupen Da reached his home!!
DAY 2, visit to Judges' Field, pay homage to the maestro!
DAY 2, Bhupen Da laid down there silently!
On the final DAY, Bhupen Da still laid silently, heading for the Final destination
On the Final DAY, Mourners follow the body
On the Final DAY, bird eye view. (photo courtesy-NYP)

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