Interview with Prog Metal band Pangea

Indian Music Mug

Interview by: Ajoy M Lanong Pangea is a Prog Metal/Soundtrack/Drone outfit from Mumbai.Consisting of Akshay Rajpurohit, Shadaab Kadri and Kuber Sharma and these guys only create sit-on-your-couch-and-blaze music.   IMM: Hello guys! What’s been happening at the Pangea camp? Pangea: We have been conceptualizing the new album. Working on a […]

Candid chat with Swarathma

Indian Music Mug

Interviewed by: Kabya Ghosh   IMM:       So when was the band formed? Who all were the original members? Vasu: When I first met Abhinanth Kumar (Swarathma’s co-founder and ex-bassist) I  immediately hit it off with him sharing my compositions and at the same time learning while making songs with him. […]

Snaring Mynds Abroad

Indian Music Mug

Formed in 2004, Myndsnare made rapid strides in the local Bangalore circuit with its fresh brand of originals and skillfully rabid sound. The band came into national prominence after they released their first full-length album, ‘Conditioned: Human’, showcasing their popular song ‘Layers of Hypocrisy’. Besides being labeled as one of […]

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