Interview with Plague Throat

Indian Music Mug

These guys made their debut on the 8th August 2008(888) Powerplay and they call themselves Plague Throat! A death metal band that everyone wants to listen too over and over again! The three powerhouse of this band Nangsan(Guitar, vocals), Iaidon(Bass, vocals )and Malice (Drums),are perhaps one of Shillong’s most loved […]

Interview with Barry Bennedetta

Indian Music Mug

IMM: What’s keeping you busy lately? Barry: Creating new embellishments for the praise and worship songs at Emilie United Methodist Church , writing my own songs and perfecting my craft.     IMM: Tell us about your time with Waysted? Barry: After Paul Raymond left the band, Waysted toured in the UK […]

Candid chat with Nale

Indian Music Mug

Interviewed by: Ashiqur Rohman and Bhaskar J. Das IMM: Welcome to Indian Music Mug guys. What was the first reaction after landing in India? Andy: My first reaction was ‘its hot!’. The traffic situation in Mumbai is insane. But the people here are very hospitable and the food is awesome. […]

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