Arseniic on the rise!

Indian Music Mug

Interviewed by: Nabill Phukan Arseniic, a progressive metal outfit from Guwahati, Assam have recently released their single ‘Maraud’. Since its inception in 2015, the band has come a long way. They swept away the rock competitions held in the city in early 2020 and bagged the top spots of Rock […]

Candid chat with Parikrama

Indian Music Mug

Interviewed by Ashok Gogoi from Strings India So, starting with the very first question how does feel to create music that creates a difference from the rest of the musicians of the nation? Well never really tried to be different, but yes, tried to make a difference to the society […]

Candid chat with Meet Bros

Shaun Klet

Tell us about your biggest influences which mostly inspire you to create music? We don’t have any role models as well because we feel that we never learnt music, music was in us and that is what inspired us. It just comes out when we sit to jam. Certain things just […]

Posted by Shaun Klet

He like being in the Jamming Room while his friends who have Rock Bands practice.He like to create Music Videos and Album covers for his friends Band, kinda Editor. Music is his love, life.

Interview with David Abraham, frontman of The Koniac Net

Ajoy M Lanong

Formed in 2000,The Koniac Net has been compared to artists such as the Stills, Smashing Pumpkins, Toadies, Death Cab For Cutie, Matt Pond PA, Marcy Playground, and even Chris Isaac & the Deftones .The band’s music pays tribute to the genres these artists represent. “The Koniac Net” – a paradoxical/oxymoronic […]

Posted by Ajoy M Lanong

Never let the little head do the thinking for the big head. He consider himself to be an average Shillong guy. He do have a paunch but honestly, it's the food and beer! However, He do clean-up rather well or so He was told. He is a Son, -A Brother -A Nephew -An Uncle -A friend -A Music evangelist

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