Dissected Souls

Trisha Colaco

Dissected Souls are a Groove Metal band from Darjeeling, India.  According to their Reverbnation page, they were formed in 2010 as “Soul”. Within this period, the band composed 6 songs, two of which are available for streaming on the Reverbnation page. The first song, “Remorse” starts off with a distant-sounding […]

Assassins Fist

Trisha Colaco

Assassins Fist are a Metalcore band from Guwahati, Assam, India, formed in the Spring of 2011, although the band prefers not to be narrowed down to one genre. However, for the purpose of describing their sound vaguely, one can classify them as a Metalcore band that plays the melodic variety, […]

Soul Society

Trisha Colaco

Soul Society is a relatively young band from Pune, India, formed in 2011. The band describes themselves as a Progressive Melodic Death Metal band, which is reflected satisfyingly in their music. The band has four songs up for streaming on their Reverbnation page, namely “Curse”, “Bankai” and two separate versions of […]

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