Rishav M

Tangents is a five piece progressive metal band from Bengaluru, India The band previously released a full length album called “Motion/Emotion” back in 2017. Post that the band released a single named IGOR on May 2020.   The music of Tangents is very fresh. The guitar tones, vocal structures and […]


Rishav M

Infestation is five piece Death Metal act from Nagpur. Talking about war, human experiments , government and cruelty that religion has shown to the world, the act has slam and brutal death metal influence with modern elements of bass drops in their songs. They have released two singles till now […]

Abbas Razvi talks about Hollow Point

Rishav M

Hollow Point is a 4 piece metal band formed by the veterans of the Indian Metal scene. They have recently released their debut single called “FUBAR”. Hollow Point is Arun Iyer –     Vocals (DEVOID) Gurdip Singh –  Bass (GUTSLIT) Aaron Pinto –   Drums (GUTSLIT) Abbas R –      Guitars (GODLESS)   […]

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