Dymbur wins Meghalaya Icon 5

Ajoy M Lanong

As trees are regarded the strength of nature, Dymbur defines the symbol of strength & unity in the band. And for most of us,including me,it’s thanks to these guys that I now know that “DYMBUR”, is a Khasi word for “A FIG TREE”. Formed 2 years back,these guys have actually […]


Ajoy M Lanong

“The purging of emotions through the expression of art” Catharsys. And that’s how this band from Shillong which was formed in mid August of 2012 got their name. For them it’s rather “the purging of emotions through the expression of music”. And of course just a plain desire to make […]

Interview with Plague Throat

Ajoy M Lanong

These guys made their debut on the 8th August 2008(888) Powerplay and they call themselves Plague Throat! A death metal band that everyone wants to listen too over and over again! The three powerhouse of this band Nangsan(Guitar, vocals), Iaidon(Bass, vocals )and Malice (Drums),are perhaps one of Shillong’s most loved […]

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