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Making music is not the final step! Producing the album is one of the important criteria. If you are in a band and you are planning to release an album then you should definitely consult to a music producer. Producer will not only manage the sound, he is gonna make that album epic. Below are some  famous music producers from India whose works should be really checked out.

  •  Adhiraj Singh (Refractor Studios, Pune)

To all the metal musicians out there! If you are looking to produce your album with that new age metal sound then you should surely keep an eye out on Refractor Studio. Founded by the composer/guitarist of  Noiseware. Recently he has recorded, mixed and mastered the album “Khwaab by AswekeepSearching”.

You can buy the album here

SoundCloud page

Official Website


  • Jason D’souza

He is well known for producing alternative music in India. He has worked with various bands and produced music for a lot of them. He plays Guitars for Modern Mafia as well as produces their albums. His best known works are Revenge of Kalicharan By Light Years Explode, One last Monsoon By The Koniac Net, Sincerely Yours(EP) by The Colour Compound

Light Year Explode- The Revenge of Kalicharan 

The Colour Compound- Sincerely Yours (EP)

The Koniac Net- One Last Monsoon



  • Siddharth Barooa & Amitabh Barooa (Lucid Recess Studio, Guwahati)

LR studio was started by Siddhatrh Barooa and Amitabh Barooa in the year 2008. They have produced music for various artists from Northeast. Their roster consists of many famous bands like Silver Tears, Shades of Retribution, Digital Suicide, Dark Carnage,  and many more. They even produce their own songs for their band Lucid Recess. In 2015 they have released their own full length album called Alive and Aware.

Facebook Details 

Official Website

Soundcloud Page



  • Keshav Dhar (Skyharbor/Illusion Studios, Delhi)

Keshav Dhar is one of the famous music producers from India who can get your band that next level progressive sound. He composes as well as play Guitars for his well renowned band Skyharbor. He mixed and mastered the album Extropy for the Kolkata metal giants Yonsample which was released in December 2015. He is also well known for his other studio works like ” IronClad Ep” by  “Undying Inc” & “ How are you? We are fine Thank you”  by “The Down Troddence”


Yonsample- Extropy

Ironclad- Undying Inc.



  • Anupam Roy

He is well known as a music producer in the Indie Scene. He has worked with numerous numbers of famous Indian Metal Bands. He produced the album  “Mark of Teja” by Scribe which was a big hit. He has also produced famous Indian Metal acts like Bhayanak Maut, Infernal Wrath, etc. Anupam Roy’s production skills are awesome. Good Vibe and Good Sound.

Bhayanak Maut- Metastasis

Scribe- Mark Of Teja



  • Zorran Mendosa

He is an accomplished music producer and sound engineer who has worked with several great New Zealand artists such as New Way Home,  Black List, Solstate and many more.. Zorran’s has produced for India’s finest bands like Indus Creed, Skyharbor, Blackstratblues, Them Clones, Barefaced Liar, Split, Coshish, Goddess Gagged etc. He was formerly a part of  New Zealand bands such as New Way Home and Solstate.  Zorran has opened for international artists like Killswitch Engage, Machinehead, Devin Townsend, Slipknot and Meshuggah.

Official Website

Goddess Gagged (Resurfaces)



  • Randolph Correia

Randolph Correia has been part of Pentagram for almost 22 years now. He has also been one half of electro-pop duo Shaa’ir + Func and has produced albums for both bands. He also produced Pin Drop Violence‘s Compose..Oppose..Dispose. He is that guy who will your album that Pop/Disco flavour

Pindrop Violence- Compose..Oppose..Dispose

Shaair & Func- The Love album



  • Miti Adhikari

In 2009, the name Miti Adhikari first popped up on the Indie radar when Kolkata Rock band, The Super­sonics, released their debut Maby Bak­ing. Miti  Adhikari was credited as the producer of the  album. He has recorded ev­eryone from Nirvana to James Blake and worked at some of the biggest music  fes­tivals in Europe as a sound engineer. Dave Ghrol (Foo Fighters) gave dedication to Miti Adhikari at Reading Festival 2012, He was a BBC engineer who worked with Dave Grohl numerous times and retires from work after the gig.

He came back to India and produced Ganesh Talkies new album In Technicolor and Gingerfeet’s Single called Empty Spaces

Dancing Dancing!

Empty Spaces

The Supersonics- Maby Baking



  • Vishal. J. Singh

Vishal J Singh is mainly known for his project Amogh Symphony, along with his other project Robots Pulling Levers. He is widely known to people in the metal scene for his great production skills. He has also produced for bands like Paradigm Shift, Infinite Redemption, etc.

Amogh Symphony- (Quantum Hack Code)

Robots Pulling Levers- Zong!

Paradigm Shift- Coalescence


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