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Well Throwback Thursday is a trend where people share their old pictures/videos as memories. Well as a music website we’re going to share some old releases from the Indian Music scene. Hope it helps you to get your memories freshened up!



Them Clones- Zephyretta

Zypheretta is from Them Clones debut album Love.Hate.Heroes.



ZERO- Splitleaf

This track is from their second album “HOOK”



This track is from their album“Its Ok, Its all good ”


Colourblind- Colourblind

Formed by Ram Sampath (vocals, synths, drum programming) & Siddharth Achrekar (Guitars) in 1998, Colourblind released only one album but its good enough to rub shoulders with the best in the business.


Parikrama- But it Rained

But it rained” was released in 1996. This song was dedicated to the kidnappings in the Kashmir Valley, during that period. This song is probably their biggest hit. They were surprised when a crowd of 40,000 sang along with them in their performance for the Iron Maiden concert in Bangalore.



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