Metal giant Undying Inc is back

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Indian metal giant Undying Inc is back. They announced the news about Shashank Bhatnagar coming back and rejoining on their official facebook fan page. Yes, its true, Shashank is back in his original role as the vocalist of Undying Inc. Its quite simple really, no rocket science there. We shed […]

Hundred Octane’s band members left the band

Indian Music Mug

Delhi’s veteran Hard Rock act Hundred Octane’s Vocalist and Guitarist Puneet Vohra and  Bass Guitarist Tushar Pandey left the band. After 7 years and one album Puneet Vohra decided to leave the band. Creative differences between the band members lead to an inevitable split. Puneet says, I am working as […]

UNDYING INC Throat Shredder Wanted

Indian Music Mug

UNDYING INC is currently seeking a new and permanent lead vocalist. After having quite a few good demo submissions, but would like to give this opportunity to all metalhead vocalists. Undying Inc is looking for a throat shredder who can really step out of the box and step up the […]

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