LAGORI live in Guwahati and Shillong

Indian Music Mug

Lagori a Indian rock/pop band from Bangalore will perform Live at Guwahati on 16th June and Shillong 17th June. Guwahati: Underdoggs on 16th June, 2017 presented by 7Entertainment and supported by Eventzone Guwahati and Khusiyaan Events Shillong: The Dining Room, The Heritage Club Tripura Castle on 17th June, 2017, the […]

Daksha – Live @ Cheers Crossroads | Gig Review

Bhaskar J. Das

Attended a pub show after a very long time and to be very frank, it was much needed. Live music and booze are an orgasmic combo which I had been missing for a good amount of time. I went to Cheers Crossroads, a live music lounge and there I was […]

Posted by Bhaskar J. Das

An electrical engineer by profession, he likes to spend most of his time amidst music and musicians and write for the scene.

Caravan Speculation releases their Debut Single

Indian Music Mug

Caravan Speculation is an Experimental act from Guwahati, Assam formed in February, 2013, comprising of Sankalp Hazarika on Vocals, Manish Deka on Guitar, Jugal Kashyap on Keyboard, Anand Malngiang on Bass and Dhrubajyoti Das on Drums respectively. Progressive Rock/Metal is the essence of the band’s sound which seeks to steer clear […]

Swadhyay releases their new single ‘Akaax’

Indian Music Mug

Swadhyay the band hailing from Guwahati releases their new Assamese single ‘Akaax‘. This is a song based on a guy interacting with the Sun about the different phases of life! They released their single on Jayanta Hazarika ‘s B’day(20th Sep), also the band members dedicate their new song to the First Assamese Rockstar in […]

Interview with Plague Throat

Ajoy M Lanong

These guys made their debut on the 8th August 2008(888) Powerplay and they call themselves Plague Throat! A death metal band that everyone wants to listen too over and over again! The three powerhouse of this band Nangsan(Guitar, vocals), Iaidon(Bass, vocals )and Malice (Drums),are perhaps one of Shillong’s most loved […]

Posted by Ajoy M Lanong

Never let the little head do the thinking for the big head. He consider himself to be an average Shillong guy. He do have a paunch but honestly, it's the food and beer! However, He do clean-up rather well or so He was told. He is a Son, -A Brother -A Nephew -An Uncle -A friend -A Music evangelist

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