Published On: Sun, May 20th, 2012



By Sunny Sarkar 

School students indulging in so much progression is benevolent.If you are wondering what shit i am talking about…I am praising one of the North-Eastern acts which has been around for maybe a couple of years now emerging out as one of the Trump cards which Eastern India has even dreamt about..Conquering IIT’s and band competitions all over the country these dudes from school has proved time to time that experimentation is regardless of boundaries.Dark Carnage is a band which has got one of the most unique 6-piece line-up all adhering and relating themselves to a fresh modern progressive metal sound.These guys from Guwahati has come up with an exceptionally new sound ranging from Metalcore-Deathcore-Progressive Metal nowadays pigeonheaded as DJENT or whatever. Having released a 25minute EP titled “ABOMINATE ANNIHILATE” with songs like ‘Tyrannical Generation’ , ‘Deathmatch Destruction’ and ‘Acrimony Of Terrorism’ these guys speak about modern society privileges,ups and downs involving much facts.Excellent lyrical theme,inhuman vocals,a perfect drummer,two young riff/shred masters accompanied by super-melodic keyboards can leave u in a frenzy if u are by any chance checking these guys out live..The most important thing noted is their professionalism is how they deliver a tight set alongside a great stage act.Influenced much by American metal like Born Of Osiris,Veil Of Maya and Periphery these guys have emerged with the kind of metal music which will definitely become anthems on a gradual basis.Their latest pre-production demo Quarantine is a track which again keeps u hooked to ur speakers for long..If not anything one can surely listen to the EP on a repetative basis..its INFLUENCIALLY INTERESTING…

Wishing great luck to Dark Carnage for the future…

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