Published On: Wed, Sep 5th, 2012

Curves ‘Nidra’ | Single Review

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Reviewed by: Denny Kashyap

What do you feel when you get to hear a new, innovative, redefined music from your own city? Feels good! That’s what I felt a year back when Guwahati based Metal/Ambient/Experimental (I would prefer not to define their genre much) band “Curves” released their debut single “Divided We Fall” which really blew my ears.


After a span of few months, they are back with their second single ”Nidra”. I am glad that their guitarist “Sanandam Bordoloi” mailed me their new single and yes my wait was worth it. I was certainly more excited for their new single. But before going in details, I would say that this song has proper and well executed fragments of different sub-genres and it is well-lyrically themed too.


Coming to the song, it starts with a pretty good intro. The song further hooks up with extremely raw progressive guitar riffs and well structured drums. I must say that a well bass line is maintained throughout the song and the level of experimentation is just insane. The song boasts a distinct guitar riff and a feeling that grabs you by the end of the track. The song sounds very much reminiscent of a djent style fused with progressive elements.


Coming to the vocals, well here you will find a little tweak to his instantly recognizable voice. Keeping in my mind about the texture, I must say that the vocals had been lot better in this song than their previous release. I guess you will get a Randy Blythe feel in his vocals (or may be not).


Talking about the production, it is well mixed and mastered at Lucid Recess Studios. So, if you are into progressive (even if your not) then do check out their new single “Nidra” which will be released on 7th of September.

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