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Photo Courtesy: TNT Magazine

The rumours have finally come true and yes, the biggest rock show ever in the region is taking place today 29th June. American rock band, Hoobastank is all set to rock the Scotland of the East at the 5th Field, Polo Ground.At a press conference on 28th June at Tripura Castle, Shillong, the band expressed their pleasant surprise visit to this part of the country.

Lead singer Doug says,

We received a mail from the management team and we all thought, ‘We’ve never been to India, sounds cool, let’s do it man’.

”Rising to fame with its single ‘The Reason’ which peaked at #2 on the Billboard Top 100in 2004, the band adds,

Of course, we are singing that song tomorrow.

The event is being managed by TNT Events, a subsidiary of TNT- The Northeast Today magazine in celebration of the magazine’s 6th anniversary. Pradyot Deb Burman, the scion of the royal family of Tripura and founder and editor-in-chief of one of the highest selling magazines in Northeast India says,

I was in America when I thought that the region had not witnessed a major international rock show. Moreover, we’ve only had classic rock shows. That’s when I thought ‘why not bring Hoobastank to break the monotony?’lthen sent a mail to them immediately and now they’re here to rock the region.

He further added that

Rock and Roll has always remained a strong aspect in the magazine and hence, ‘this is the best way to celebrate the 6th anniversary of the esteemed magazine.

The band headlined by vocalist Doug Robb, guitarist Dan Estrin, bassist Jesse Charland and drummer Chris Hesse reached the city on 27 June. The show, opened by various bands is scheduled to start at 3pm on the 29th of June.Sources add that tickets to the show will be available at the venue.Members of the audience and the guests will be thoroughly screened by security personnel at the check gates.

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