Published On: Tue, Jan 15th, 2013


Sceptre-Online2Indian thrash metal band Sceptre have revealed that the name of their new album is ‘Age Of Calamity‘. The artwork for the new record has been done by designer Aakash Dwivedi who has previously worked with bands like Albatross, Solar Deity and Eyehategod.
When coming up with the album name and theme we wanted to write about something important, something that matters. Our country India deals with a lot of problems from rampant corruption to communal riots but one topic that everyone in the band felt strongly about was the plight of women in our country, more recently highlighted by a very gruesome gang rape case in our capital city Delhi. The album is a homage to all the women of the world who have been victims of rape, molestation, murder and a hard kick up the arse of a government who’s deaf and impotent to deal with this issue. The album artwork shows a woman half-stripped, battered and waiting to be further devoured by society represents the state of affairs.” commented drummer Aniket Waghmode.
The Video Reveal of the artwork can be viewed here:

The band is even going to donate a portion of the sales from the album to an NGO. Speaking candidly bassist Janus Sayal said “We are in the process of tying up with an NGO who works for the emancipation of rape victims, we wanted to do more than just spread awareness and the message through our music we wanted to actually contribute to the cause so we decided to give a % of the money from our album sales towards the cause.”
The album can be pre-ordered by fans here

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