Published On: Fri, Jul 12th, 2013

Lordesphemy announced the release of their debut single titled ‘Infernal Winter Sermons’

Band Pic 1Newly formed blasphemous Symphonic Extreme Metal unit Lordesphemy has announced the release of their debut single titled Infernal Winter Sermons on 17th July 2013. The track is thematically based on an original fictional story revolving around Satanic inclinations and rituals, and the extreme nature of the lyrics is set to a fierce conflagration of Black Metal, Death Metal and Symphonic Metal, along with subtle inclusions of ambience.

The track has been recorded by frontman Priyanuj Mazumdar in his home studio Earbleed Studios, Guwahati; while the mixing and mastering duties have been carried out by Bhaskar Jyoti Das in RevX Studios, Dibrugarh; who is also the Guitarist of up and coming Dibrugarh-based Progressive Metal band ‘Reverse Xtinction’.

Lordesphemy, which was formed in only May of this year, is currently a two-member unit and is searching for able musicians to join them in this unholy journey. The project aims to unveil the darkest emotions and thought processes hidden inside the human heart through horrific and gory fictional stories; weaving themes of degrading morals of the human race, suicidal tendencies, extreme depression, blasphemy, Satanic inclinations, self-hatred, superficial feelings into a cauldron of all-out insanity.


‘Lordesphemy’ urge its listeners to shower support towards them, so that they can produce more praises in the name of the ‘Lordess of Blasphemy’!!



Priyanuj Mazumdar – Vocals, Keyboards, Orchestration, Programming

Monsoon Bhuyan – Guitar, Bass


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