Published On: Tue, Jul 8th, 2014

Joi Barua unveils a single sung by ‘Jankee’

Ghoroloi Aha_PosterRenowned Assamese singer, songwriter and music producer Joi Barua today unveiled his new single “Ghoroloi Aha” sung by Jankee. The lyrics of the song are written by Ibson Lal Barua and talk about the quirky, yet pleasurable moments of a relationship. It is a fun filled, peppy number that was launced with a beautiful music video shot by cinematographer/ fashion photographer Ayush Das and directed by Ajay Sing.

Speaking about the song, Joi said,

It is one of those songs which I made for myself and Jankee happened to hear it and loved it. To my surprise, she insisted that she will sing the song and sing it in Assamese. She’s a brilliant singer and I’m happy the way the song has come out in her voice. I hope everyone enjoys it as much as we did while making and shooting for it.


I love Joi’s music and the moment I heard this song, I knew I had to sing it,

said Jankee.

It was fun singing in Assamese and with Ibson’s help, I tried my best to keep the pronunciations right. This is the first time I’ve sung in Assamese and now I am already craving for more.

She adds.


It was a lot of fun writing this song and then rehearsing for it before it went for final dubbing. There are very few singers who can pick up a language fast and Jankee is definitely one of them. I must say she has done a fabulous job. Joi’s composition and her voice have created the magic that the song needed. Of course, I’m delighted to be part it,

said songwriter Ibson Lal Barua.


Watch Ghoroloi Aha here:

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