Published On: Mon, May 27th, 2013

Guwahati’s Sunset Stare releasing their debut EP ‘Silence Soaks My Sorrows’

Sunset Stare_Cover 123“Each person on this planet has fallen in love, faced shattering heartbreaks, and struggled to move on, isn’t it?” It’s time to relieve those glory days!


After sweating it out underground for more than a year with numerous demo tracks, Guwahati based two-man Alternative / Indie Rock project ‘Sunset Stare’ announces the release of their debut EP this summer. The EP entitled “Silence Soaks My Sorrows” will feature re-arranged and re-recorded versions of two earlier released singles as well as a brand new track. The whole EP has been recorded by the band’s frontman Priyanuj Mazumdar in his home studio Earbleed Studios, as well as carrying out the mixing and mastering duties. It was a struggle to record the EP right from the beginning due to the lack of funds and high-end equipment, but Sunset Stare struck through. The journey has unfolded the fact that beautiful music comes out from the heart, not costly equipments.


The main story of the EP is based on the dark and often unexpected side of the omnipresent phenomenon of love and heartbreaks. The EP captures the psychology and thought process of a teenager as he sets sail on a journey of love, heartbreak and the disastrous aftermaths of a failed relationship. As the tracks follow, the listener will be introduced to the unravelling of a beautiful story, the main idea behind which is to question the validity of the ‘fake’ relationships that most teenagers are falling prey to these days. Musically, the EP criss-crosses across various sounds, covering modern rock, soft rock, alternative, indie, country, synth rock, etc. It’s loony at times, uplifting at others.




1. Crystal Rain

2. When You’re Broken

3. Only Memories Remain


Band Biography:


“Teenage hood is one of the most amazing yet introspective periods of one’s life.” ‘Sunset Stare’ aims to capture, reflect, and assess the mostly subdued aura of this period. Love, heartbreaks, moving on, etc are showcased with a darker yet optimistic twist. The lyrical aspects also talk about themes like teenage isolation, painful stories of trafficking, poverty, and the ilk.

Initially starting out as an experimental solo project of Priyanuj Mazumdar (Vocals, Synths, Programming) in late April 2012, ‘Sunset Stare’ has undergone a revelation of changes since those heydays. After releasing a couple of rough demos under the moniker of ‘Abolish The Archangel’, the project became highly inactive towards the fag end of 2012, mostly due to busy academic schedules, lack of equipments and wariness of interest. Rebuilt from the ashes in the beginning of 2013 with a new name and the addition of a new member in Monsoon Bhuyan (Guitar, Additional Bass), ‘Sunset Stare’ culminated a much needed boost and started working on their new demos with a redefined sound; mishmashing diverse genres such as modern rock, alternative, indie, country, ambient, hard rock, etc. into a single platter.  ‘Sunset Stare’s music is like the waves, loony at times; and uplifting at others.




Priyanuj Mazumdar – Vocals, Keyboards, Programming, Samples

Monsoon Bhuyan – Guitar, Additional Bass



When You’re Broken, Single, May 2013

Silence Soaks My Sorrows, EP, June-July 2013


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