Published On: Wed, Jan 2nd, 2013

Counterplo​t Theory released their Debut Single ‘Condemn the Rapist’

CT - Condemn The Rapist (Art Work)

Counterplot Theory was earlier known as Forsaken. Their E.P ‘Disengage’ & ‘Hemispheres’ proved a point that the band is willing to produce different sound. With the influences ranging from Megadeth, Lamb of God, Eternal Tears of Sorrow, Opeth, Porcupine Tree and more, each one of the sounds can be heard. The EP was received. The single ‘DesolateD Dreams’ became part of two metal compilations (Brutal Bengal & Unholy India Metal) featuring a few International Bands. Nolan Lewis of Kryptos calls Forsaken, “A band with unique style and different vibe than other bands around with great sense of melody”.

With 2 successful EP’s under their belt, Forsaken faced the first ever line-up change. With the departure of Nakul, Shivam, and Sunil the band was down to half strength. Having said that, the urge to create music would just not die out! The three founding members continued to make music, however without keys this led to a different sound all together. The members were always of the unanimous thought that without the original lineup the music would be different and would always be compared to existing work. October 2012 brought an additional member to the group, Vishesh Bhyrav (ex-Dark Visions). Jam-sessions proceeded, and tunes were created, but the one happened which had never happened before. The original thought was to maintain as four members with Vishesh handling Bass, one such jam session happened where Vishesh played guitar and Akshay played bass, and all of a sudden a realization of multi-talent took place. With Vishesh and Akshay both able to play guitar and bass just as well, the group was able to create different styles of guitar playing and bass variation, Vishesh having the speed of shredding and scale modulations while Akshay could treat the bass to finger tapping and slapping, thus giving the songs a groovy yet heavy feel.

Considering all factors, the four man crew rebooted by the name “Counterplot Theory”, the lineup having Bharat (Guitars), Owais (Drums), and Akshay & Vishesh inter-changing guitar and bass, a real revolving lineup with endless possibilities. Since Akshay & Vishesh both have been vocalists, the band was able to get more variation on vocals, the band looks to create musical synopsis with vocals being part of the feel of the tune rather that riding off separately, this as good as two vocalists, and two bassists.

Counterplot Theory was born on Christmas, and started recording the same day. The band focuses on the classic unique thrash style of its predecessor, but its members have matured, in playing style as well as ideas. The debut single “Condemn the Rapist” has been released on their official bandcamp page which throws a light on the death of the innocent soul who lost her life last week. Having said that, it is now time to take a stand and condemn this disgrace of a crime.


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