Published On: Wed, Sep 5th, 2012


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By: Aiyushman Dutta

Now this is a band which can indeed make a difference. With their unique dressing style and funky presentation, they stand out the moment they get on stage. Although they still have a long way to go musically, this is a package of full-on entertainment, with the members feeding their audience with the best of what they got. This is X5 Clan for you.

Based out of the city, the X5 Clan focuses on all genres of music – starting from alternate rock and pop to funk and alternate punk. The band was formed by five best friends who always had their heart and soul in music. Within a very short span of time, the band has emerged as an outfit to reckon with. Combining each of their different taste in music, these young musicians have managed to evolve a new form of music which is definitely fresh and soothing to the ears. “We love our music and we love our audience. So we try to make it fun for all of us,” says Dolly Baruah – the vocalist of the band.

The band consists of five members Shekhar Baruah (vocalist and lead guitarist), Dolly Baruah (vocalist), Simanta Raj Medhi (lead guitarist), Nayan Jyoti Goswami (bass) and Subanshu Saikia (drums).

Besides just creating music, the young band also seeks to spread the social message of unity and to eliminate misunderstanding amongst the present generation. The band recently released their maiden album which is an effort towards that direction. A blend of Hindi and Assamese songs, the collection calls out for peace in the State. “Music is an universal language. So even if the songs in our album are in both Hindi and Assamese, we are sure that people will be able to relate to them,” says guitarist Shekhar Baruah. The band also simultaneously released a video song titled Hridoyr Majot, which is based on the same theme.

Since its formation, the XFIVE CLAN has performed in many regional and national-level competitions. They were also among the few selected for the popular television series India’s got Talent. “Although we could not make it to the finals, it was a really good exposure trip for us,” says Shekhar Barua, the lead vocalist of the band. They have also performed in shows like MTV Rock on, UTV Bindass – Smith and Jones music ka tadka and Yamaha Asian Beats 2011, where they were bestowed with the title of “Sharpest band of North-East”.

I am sure greater things are in store for this young energetic band.


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