Published On: Mon, May 14th, 2012

Interview with Kolkata’s Technical Death Metal act EVIL Conscience

Interview by: Sunny Sarkar


Band Members:

Arunava Chakrabarti- Vocals

Pritam Middey- Guitars

Avijit Das- Guitars

Subhrajit Gupta- Bass

Niloy Das- Drums



1)How do you guys relate to the name or the sound of the band on a personal level?

Niloy– We basically focus on the nature of any animate object and the laws that had been foretold by our ancestors..Ourlives basically revolve around the extremities of the society,dumping the normal routing life somewhere else.

Arunava– Personally I feel that the “evil” part resides in every being.If you have to use the evil inside you then one must use it for a purpose.Its like the determination to reach the zenith and sacrificing any obstacle which comes in the path of success.



2)How would you describe the lyrical theme/concept and the sound of Evil Conscience?

Arunava– Basically the songs are written according to the things we face in life.We try and see through the minds of the mortal plunging into a newer dimension.Evil is considered to be a perception of our minds.

Pritam– We feel that certain things in this society has been tabooed as good and evil, whereas one can never distinguish between good and evil..its about the inner conscience that drives a mortal towards a positive or a negative end.These things evolve through death and generation changes.

Avijit– We have been using the mass as a scapegoat now(laughs) and yes it helps..The GENRE of EC actually being Technical Death Metal ranges and gathers influences widely from Blackened Death Metal and Brutal Death Metal bands.Always heading for an experimentation we include stoner and hallucinating elements too.


3)Any plans for an EP release sooner or later?

Pritam– Yea,since we have been in a turmoil due to the constant line up changes and finally after emerging with the recent lineup,thoughts of  releasing an EP is very obvious now..we are working on our debut EP which will be known as “Death Is Only The Beginning”..thinking of releasing it as soon as we record a few more tracks.

Subhrajit– Most probably during the awakening of 2013(incase the planet does not fuck up on 21st dec 2012) be precise nothing is decided yet but yes since we have recorded quite a few tracks,we wish to emerge with something really cool..(laughs)



4)Enlighten us about the constant lineup changes(especially working wd session bassists)?and finally the recent lineup making Evil Conscience the giants of extreme metal in the city.

Pritam– You can quote this “Changing bass players was like changing girlfriends”..And as it is I was in charge of auditioning bass players making them pick up the songs and deliver on stage.When we were a 4 piece line-up in the year 2009-2010 and had just started to plan big our bass player Deepak faced some inevitable problems which made him quit.The band was in the most unstable state ever..all of us were demoralized to the brim and even thought of a band break-up..We were using bass players as sessions.Later in 2011,we found this very close frnd of ours “Subhrajit” who had been greasing himself for an year now.Its great to have him in the family since we knew him well and is a very dedicated chap.We really hope this to be our last commitment.(laughs)


5)Is there anything that is holding back the underground metal scene in Kolkata?Even you guys don’t have that kind of exposure even being there for along time now??

Subhrajit– Look,there are numerous points explaining this..For eg,society, culture, preferences are very important for the outburst of anything new.Also opportunities are less in the city maybe due to a weak financial background.

Niloy– In this city people won’t confront to or as you might say “not open to original music”,it’s the typical commercial stuff working as a magnet inducing the human minds..Audience is not to be blamed.Blamed must be those who are making music which is easy to play and easier to understand..most bands here are walking along the “shortest path to success”..originality through influences should be discouraged and discarded.

Avijit– Finance is an issue too…instrument prices are doubled when the reach this city.haha..Therefore to compete in the race for time and money all of us are working professionals now..Our drummer owns a Tattoo Studio and works as a tattoo artist and others are into private jobs.

Arunava– Less exposure was mainly due to the ups and downs and the turmoils faced by the band..We don’t believe in exposing ourselves unless we are satisfied enough with the sound we deliver on stage..We DO NOT believe in unnecessary promotions.




6)Any international act influencing the band??What bands from the country would you call your personal favourites???

Oh,there are lots.We personally think that every band trying to experiment and coming up with a fresh and original sound has a lot of potential.

International Influences include Necrophagist,All Shall Perish,Cannibal Corpse,Gojira

If you are talking bout bands from our country then Yonsample is a great band from our neighbourhood..What Escapes Me has a lot of potential,,guys from Escher’s Knot are also excellent and fun..

Its actually difficult to take names in a random manner but yes we are in for a huge support towards the Underground Metal Scene of the country.


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