Published On: Thu, Apr 17th, 2014

Candid chat with Guitar Maestro Ehsaan Noorani of the famed Trio Shankar Ehsaan Loy .

  • EN1Welcome to IMM .

Ehsaan Noorani: Thanks


  • What have you been upto lately?

Ehsaan Noorani: Busy in the studio with Rakeysh Mehras Mirza , Zoya Akhtar’s Dil Dhadakne Do and Shaad Ali’s Kill Dill aside from this have been doing gigs with SEL and some blues concerts .


  • What inspired you to take up the guitar ? Whom do you look upto as inspirations?

Ehsaan Noorani: A friend of mine from school introduced me to the guitar . I have loads of inspirations like Eric Clapton , Johnny Winter , Santana , Hendrix , Robben Ford , BB King etc etc


  • How did Shankar Ehsaan Loy come into being? What makes the trio keep on going strong with time?

Ehsaan Noorani: We came together to compose one song for Mukul Anand’s Dus and that becaome a career .


  • What are the preferred genre of music you generally listen to? Do you think genre specification is overrated?Shankar Ehsaan Loy

Ehsaan Noorani: I listen to all kinds of music but I love the blues and rock and mostly guitar based music . Well genre is helpful at times but essentially music is like a universe with multiple galaxies .


  • You have a deep association with Fender ….Tell us a bit about it and the weapons you normally use .

Ehsaan Noorani: I love Fender guitars ever since I got my first Fender back in 1981 I have a bunch of Fender guitars both Stratocasters and Telecasters . I have my own Fender Squier Signature Stratocaster which has been designed to my specs. In additon to that I have some other guitars like Paul Reed Smith and Gibson.


  • EN3Bollywood music and the indie scene have started intermixing and in the recent years many indie artists are making way into the mainstream scene….How do you look into that transition?

Ehsaan Noorani: I think its good for Indie artists to be doing their thing and the Bollywood scene it infuses new talent into the music scene and makes them earn a decent living . Surviving as a musician in India is difficult as it is anywhere in the world .


  • What is the best part about touring places?

Ehsaan Noorani: We have performed all over the world and each one has a different experience but the common denominator are our fans who love our music . Performing in the USA , England and Australiia have been special . Indian audiences always rock whether in india or abroad.


  • You have won numerous awards in the past.Which one is closest to your heart?

Ehsaan Noorani: I guess it would be the National Award which we won  for the song Kal Ho Na Ho.


  • Give us little sneak peak into how the trio make music from scratch to the finish.

Ehsaan Noorani:  It’s pretty much the way a band composes with little ideas contributed by each member which add up to a song . There are to and fro processes where we change and tweat things till we get what we have in our minds .


  • If you are granted a wish to share stage with one guitarist who would it be and why?EN12

Ehsaan Noorani: BB King for sure he is like a spiritual voice of the blues I have seen him live and it is an experience to which I have no name .


  • What advice would you give to budding guitarists?

Ehsaan Noorani: Listen to all kinds of players ,listen to you inluences ‘ influnces get deep in there . There is a whole universe of musicians out there who we miss out on because of the tunnel vision that we suffer . My experiences have taught me that I shoild listen to all kinds of players and all kinds of music .


  • What can we expect from you in the near future?

Ehsaan Noorani: Quite a lot of material from SEL , Loy and I are writing some blues and funk tunes . I want to perform more blues and jazz .


  • This is your space….Leave a message for your fans…Thank you !!!!!

Ehsaan Noorani: The music has always been about our fans . We create the music for you !!!


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