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Dissected Souls

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1324787332_270511756337834_205800756142268_660914_697586288_nDissected Souls are a Groove Metal band from Darjeeling, India.  According to their Reverbnation page, they were formed in 2010 as “Soul”. Within this period, the band composed 6 songs, two of which are available for streaming on the Reverbnation page.

The first song, “Remorse” starts off with a distant-sounding guitar riff, which is soon brought into the foreground. The riff has an infectious groovy quality, which wouldn’t be unexpected, considering their genre. The drums follow a rather simplistic pattern with simple rolls, but it fits the music well, since the band focuses on groove and riffs, rather than complexity, and it works well. The vocals are rather too typical and difficult to tell apart from that of numerous other Groove/Metalcore bands, consisting of mid-pitched growls and some screams. The main riff on “Remorse” is played without much variation, until near the end where it changes into a Hardcore/Metalcore breakdown.

The next song on the Reverbnation list is the self-titled song. The production is significantly different here, with lower ends dominating, making it much heavier than “Remorse”. The band preferred to take a different compositional direction here, with more significant Heavy and Thrash Metal influences, relying on melodies rather than grooves and hooks alone. Unfortunately, there is no significant difference in the drumming or vocal styles, both of which act as bottlenecks for the band, making it less intriguing for a listener despite the potential.

Overall, Dissected Souls are a band with a lot of potential as musicians. However, good musicians can be held back by choices as trivial as genres. As a genre itself, Groove Metal doesn’t allow much variation, memorability or application of interesting songwriting, even thought it sounds incredibly fun and energetic in a live setting. All bands end up sounding way too similar to each other, and Dissected Souls are not very different. However-much these songs might energize the listener in a live concert, they are certainly not that happening to listen to at home, due to the lack of gasping moments. The band could be one of the very bands that makes Groove Metal sound more interesting, but only time will tell.
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Rating: ★★★☆☆

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